IDW MLP: FiM #10

My Little Pony “Friendship is magic” issue 10 has been out.  I am sorry that this has taken me awhile to get too.  Though with other reviews, being on a trip and a few very important issues that has been needed to address I am a bit behind.  So I hope those who follow my MLP reviews enjoy this short review of the newest MLP comic from the on going series.

In issue 10 we pick up from the storyline shared in issue 9.  Big Mac needs to get nails for doing some household work.  While trying to get these nails, he is distracted by many others.  This is something that keeps happening to him in this issue.  As Big Mac is pulled into some strange and crazy things through the festival.    During his time there he gets to create a new dance, win the heart of another pony, and get suckered into a deal from Spike.  All of this leading to the end of a hard day and no nails as he is about to return home.  Though a friend talks to him with an important lesson to be learned.

Review: IDW TMNT #25

Karai hates Leonardo being above her in the Foot Clan.  Splinter knows his son is now working for the Foot.  Raphael is determined to get Leonardo back.  Casey is learning all the bad stuff as he’s in the hospital.  This is just some of the stories that are touched in IDW TMNT #25 as “City Fall” goes on wrapping the fans more into the story.  In stores today for fans to read this next thrilling chapter of IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Here is my review.

Review: IDW TMNT Villain Micro Series Karai

The IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book series has been building up a tension between Karai and the Shredder for some time now.  As Tom Waltz talks about our interview we shared earlier this year.  We have learned that she is the one who brought Oroku Saki back, that she is the one who fixed the Foot Clan to be what it use to be.  As much that we have learned about her, it was not till today’s issue of TMNT that we get to learn what inspired her and how she went about doing all that she has done.  In the TMNT Villain Micro Series issue #5 Karai’s history is revealed.  Here is my review of this awesome issue of IDW TMNT!

Review: Mikey's Monster

Today I will be sharing with you my review of Step Into Reading: Mikey's Monster. This is a children's book adapted from episode 12 of the Nickelodeon series, "It Came From the Depths".

The book starts out as the episode does. Leatherhead is running around TCRI escaping with the Kraang's power cell. There are differences in this book from the episode. One of them being that dialogue was added to this scene.

Review: MLP FiM #9

Since the My Little Pony comic has started to come out by IDW they have been keeping their focus on lead characters from Twilight Sparkle to Rarity.  Most Brony’s I know love a lot of the other ponies as well, so it was a great surprise to find that My Little Pony issue 9 is based around Big Mac.  This is a relative of Applejacks that has a bit part in the cartoon series.  I’ve always liked him myself, he’s a strong pony of few words.    In this issue we follow big Mac around on his own adventure.  Here in my review of IDW My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic #9.

Review: IDW TMNT #24

This last weekend I got to go Comic Con International and saw some of the most awesome panels one of which was the IDW TMNT panel where they shared even more about what is coming up for the new IDW TMNT Comics.  The excitement is at full throttle as I sit here on the edge of my seat.  With knowing all the cool stuff to come, we sit and wait for it one Comic at a time.  Today in markets one of these issues is hitting the stand.  This is issue 24 which continues with the “City War” storyline.  I will share the news from San Diego Comic Con soon.  First here is my review of IDW TMNT #24.

Review: IDW MLP #8

Once again I’ve been swept away with keeping busy.  All of June was running, as will be all of July.  Miki and I are on the road heading west for events, friend meetups and to get more interviews for Cowabunga Corner.  In all this I totally skipped out on reading issue 8 of My Little Pony when it was coming out.  I do not wish to fall behind in this, so once I realized this issue was skipped I dug it out to read.  Here is my review of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #8.

Review: IDW TMNT Villian Micro Series #4

In IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series issue 1 we were introduced to a new character.  She’s strong, she’s bad and she’s got Raphael’s attention.  She reminds some of us of Ninjara, the Fox from the old Archie TMNT Comic books.  She has mainly just been a fighter in this series.  Though in the newest issue of IDW Micro Villain Series she takes the front stage so we can get a feel for who Aloplex is.  Here is my review of IDW TMNT Villain Micro Series #4

Review: IDW MLP Applejack Micro

My Little Pony seems to have nitch traits for each of the Pony’s. Though when a situation with the Ponies is pushed more than once and you keep seeing them learn the same lesson it can get old.  That is one of the things we keep seeing with Applejack.  She wants to do everything on her own, turns down help and in the end realizes she needs the help.  I like her as a character, though I do find that story a bit old. So I was a tiny bit disappointed with this issue of IDW My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Micro Series.  Here is my review of Applejack’s story.

Review: IDW Nick TMNT #1

With all the hints of the new IDW Nickelodeon TMNT Comic that has been coming out we finally get to see the first issue in our hands. Before this we got the Nickelodeon Rise of the Turtles story which was clips from the cartoon and on Free Comic Book day we got an awesome short comic.  Now we get to see the IDW TMNT Comics that will lead off onto their own adventures.  Will they tie in with the cartoon or will they become like what was done to the Archie Comics?  Only time will tell.  Personally, I hope they take their own road.  Here is my review for the start of a new comic series.