Toby and the Next Mutation

One thing I don’t share to often is about my life outside of my fandom.  There is a lot more to me than just Ninja Turtles, and today I’ll like to share about my dog, Toby.  He was born in 1997 and he’s the first of our dogs that I have seen as completely mine.  Of course my mom would argue this with all she does for him.  The story I’d like to share of Toby is how he went to the set of the Next Mutation with me, that summer of 1997.

Toby was born in the house across the street as our neighbor and friend was not excepting her dog to have puppies.  I was there the day he was born and she offered me to pick a puppy as my Graduation and Birthday gift. It did not take me long to choose as Toby was a stand out doll.  He had the markings of a collie with the soft fur of his mother.

TMNT Monster Truck

Over the years there has been a lot of really cool things made for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Stuff people enjoy from toys, comics, clothes, even skateboards and skis.  Though one of the biggest and most awesome things I’ve ever seen made for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the Monster Truck!

Giving and Getting Help

This world is filled with so many different kinds of people.  A lot of times you just hear all the bad stories on the news, and people forget that we’re all human and there is good out there.  I would like to share a few stories here of people with open hearts helping others.

History of being Bullied

Growing up with bullies was never an easy thing.  Though there was one thing that I realized at a very young age, I never wanted to hurt any of these bullies.  Yes, they did hurt me a lot.  Though it wasn’t in my nature to think of hurting them back.  I just wanted the fights to end.

Making of Cowabunga Corner Season 3

Cowabunga Corner Season 3 was a total blast to make!  I cannot thank everyone enough for all the time they put into it.  This season was the first time where we had almost as many interviews as we did reviews, which did really surprise me as that was not something I thought was going to ever happen.

Convention Tales: Toronto Fan Expo 2005

With all the conventions that I go to, I’d like to share some fun memories from different conventions.  This time it’ll be a day at Toronto Fan Expo in 2005.  I met up with some friends for the event and even made some new friends at this convention, who I still hang out with to this day.

Nickelodeon Shell Shock : Press Release!

World’s Largest gathering of Ninja Turtles in celebration
 of new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Shock Ride 
at Nickelodeon Universe

Tales of TMNT Guest 2

In January, I shared some stories of when I met some of the TMNT Guests.  People seemed to enjoy these stories. So here I am to share a few more of the TMNT Guest stories.

The Challenge of seeing "Being Elmo"

Through out my life I have grew up with the inspiration of Jim Henson around me.  From his TV shows, toys, movies and the work that my own father was inspired to do from watching interviews with Jim Henson.  My house had monsters ranging from tiny puppets to big costumes, craved from foam rubber.

A Fallen Dream

Ever get so close to your dream before, that just as you’re touching it some force beyond your control pulls it away?  I’ve lived with this being a tease throughout my life, though never could I have ever thought I would get as close to that dream as I did back in 1997 to 1998.


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