Review: TMNT light & Ice Tray

With so much Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle products on the market to go through, it’s not always easy to pick and choose which ones to review.  Personally I would love to review them all!  Sometimes the items I do decide to review don’t work out as planned.  With reviewing so many big items from games, toys to Nightlights I wanted to try my hands at something different.  Here’s an attempt to review a small TMNT Item.

Cowabunga Corner on Instagram

We are always working to up our solical networks.  As most everyone knows Cowabunga Corner has our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr account.  Each of which are known for getting updates, well our newest account is Istagram.  This is a photo app for iphones and androids.  You can upload short videos and pictures for everyone to see.  We are taking this to great use in Cowabunga Corner, with plans to upload videos and photos while we're still at the events.  Behind the scene pictures and videos from Cowabunga Corner and so much more.


Review: TMNT Pillow Pets Nightlight Mikey

A lot of really cool items have been coming out for Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans, so when something comes out with our classic TMNT as the focus point some of us old school fans get really excited.  Which is why I really do love this Pillow Pet Nightlight of Classic Michaelangelo.  Check out the video for my full review.

Epic TMNT Party is happening!

Fandom is a wonderful thing when we come together.  And I can’t be more excited to say congrats to Jared.  Jared is a TMNT fan who is following his dream of throwing a huge party.  To throw the size of the party he wanted to throw he needed help from the fandom.  And the fandom answered to his call for help with donating over $38,000 towards the party and the tickets are still on sale!  What type of party would get so much funding?  One that has something for everyone who decides to go.

Epic TMNT Party 2014

Picture yourself in a crowd of TMNT fans, seeing live music and the Turtles are there dancing to the toons!  Up on stage songs such as “Ninja Rap” and “T U R T L E Power” are being performed by their original artist.  Pizza is delivered.  And guests from TMNT medias are there for this party.  This is an event that could only be done by the fans for the fans.

My Father : Dave Ivey

Family, the key that helps us shape up to who we become.  If people want to believe it or not, their family has a strong influence on their life.  Folks who are there for you every steps of the way, those who barely know you’re alive and even those who disappear before memories can truly begin to take place.  Each one cause a rift of waves that will forever set you on a path unique only to you and those close to you.  Each family has a different feel, their own fingerprint.  I feel lucky to be in the family that I have.  Often I share their stories, the good and the bad.  I feel that those around you, everyone you meet and see, lives on through your memories.  Sharing those memories is how to k

Review: Nick TMNT Pencil Case

Wal-Mart has picked up having a Dollar Station near the registers. Every now and then you can find some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle items at the Dollar Stations. These a fun or useful items that could be good in people’s collections. Like any TMNT items out there we want to share what we have found with the fandom, so others can keep their eyes out for these cool items.

Review: TMNT Flip Phone Toy

There are a lot of cheap Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys hitting the market. Some of them are great while others are okay. You can find toys coming up at stores all over from Family Dollar, Toys R Us, and Target. Small cheap toys are good items to give to kids who like TMNT without spending a lot of money.

Lost at Molas Pass

So often we hear news going around of how bad people are.  How people don’t care.  Who killed who.  And who stoled what.  It’s a hard world out there and not always easy to see the good that is still around.  Though when someone is truly in need lost, injured, or trapped you really get to see the people around come together to help. On July 10th, 2013 it was a lost dog that brought those of us at a rest area together in hopes of finding her home.  This is true story from my trip down the Million Dollar Highway.

Review: TMNT Glider

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles summer toys just keep coming. Here on Cowabunga Corner we can to cover as much as we can through written and/or video reviews. Here is my review of a toy I found at Toys R Us, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Glider.