Rant: Greyhound Express Boarding

From time to time, rants come up that are just somethings that just get on your nerves and you just need to vent.  I try not to do that too much as life is better when enjoying the positive things out there for all of us.  Though every now and then, I come on here to share those things that just pick at the back of my mind.  Today I’m sharing something about a company that I have been using for transportation for years, Greyhound.  A bus that can bring you across the United States, and is often used over planes and trains because of the price.  This company has been working on a few changes to try and better themselves for their customers and one of their new things is not really fair to all of the people riding the bus.  Which is what I’m here to complain about.

Agent 88 and TMNT

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have dipped their hands into many different medias throughout the years.  Though it’s not often to find so many people who work on TMNT trying to put together one show.  Which is what you got going on right now with a kickstarter project right now.  Agent 88 a show about an 88 year old lady who knows how to kick butt.  This film here is being put together by a great artist Digger who’s bringing together a lot of amazing people, many of which we know as TMNT fans like Ernie Reyes Jr. 

Thank You!

When I started Cowabunga Corner in 2010, I thought it was going to be just a few videos shot to share some of my stories.  Though with a lot of good feedback of people excited about the new blog, it kept going.  And some things started to change.  Originally just a show of me talking at a camera has now become a show with event footage and interviews.  Sharing stories of other fans and guests.  Cowabunga Corner expanded from what I thought it was going to be, and grew before my eyes.  Costing more than I could've pictured.  Though after discussing things with crew members, viewers and some of our guests we decided to start this kickstarter project.  Which was a great success thanks to ou

The Local Bang!

I'm going to paint a picture, though first I want to make it clear that I don't know if anyone was hurt or not, or even how it happened. Though this was a big shake up.

Friend Memories #3

I’ve written about bullies and shared some of the bad stuff that I’ve been through.  Though while it’s easy to write and complain about people, sometimes we forget to cherish those that we have.  So I’m going to take time and do write ups about friends that have come into my life who I still know and hang out with to this day and how these people were able to see through the lies and cruelty of those others around us, and get to know me for who I am.

Getting into Karate

Growing up was very hard for me, though my family life was great, school was a total nightmare with all the fights I had to go through.  People would gang up and attack me, and when asked why, it was always “because my friend was doing it”.  Most of the years I would not even attempt to hit back. I hated pain and it would go through my head, if I hate it why cause others to be in pain?  So instead, I would drop down and let them beat me up.  Most superheroes taught you that you needed superpowers or gadgets to be able to defend yourself.  So the idea of fighting back for defense did not come to me till I became a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In Memory of Sassy

Family is a big part of my life, from my blood relatives to friends, and pets.  With pets I’ve always had them around as long as I can remember.  Cats and dogs have been in my family.  I’ve heard the tales of the pets before my memories, though it’s the ones that have taken part in my life that I do recall which I want to share the memories of.   So from time to time I’ll come on here to share a story of someone who touched my life, from dogs, cats, birds and even chipmunks.  Right now I want to share 15 years of the life of a dog named Sassy.

Hazel Park's Dairy Park

When growing up as a child, there was a local treat that my mother would take me to, it was an ice cream shop shaped like a barn.  The small house next to it had these plastic animals in it that was fun to look at as we would sit at the picnic table eating our ice cream.  Not a far drive from where we lived, this was a treat we enjoyed on hot summer days.  They had shakes, malts, cones, banana splits and more, even hot food like hot dogs.  The Dairy Park is a place that people could go for some really good affordable food.

Why do I like TMNT?

Ever since I became a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I have been asked, why do I like TMNT?  A question people seem most interested in, hoping that I have some strange answer that will bring it all to light.  Every fan has a different answer for this, as there’s so many different reasons to like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, be it their character designs, their weapons, their enemies, their personalities, their friends and so much more.  Though the real truth about this question is there is no real answer.  If I only liked one thing about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then most likely by now I would have moved into another fandom.  So in this write up I’m going to share the many things I like about the Turtles and why.

TMNT Real Location for Lair

In Season four of the 4Kids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, the Turtles moved from their lair that they had in the first season.  This was the first time that the Turtle’s lair was given a real location in New York City.