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PRESS- Living Dead Dolls Presents Universal Monsters: Dracula

Living Dead Dolls Presents Universal Monsters: Dracula

The children of the night...such music they make!- Dracula

Dracula; one of the first Universal Monsters, and hands down the most famous vampire of all time. The king of the vampires is the latest addition to the Living Dead Dolls line.

Press Release: Living Dead Dolls Series 25 Banner

New York- As the cold nights of winter grip their icy fingers around the grey days of 2013, the longest ongoing horror themed collectible doll line in history continues with Living dead Dolls series 25. Gretchen, Asa, Sospirare, Luna, and Cracked Jack want you to come play with them tonight...will you?


This limited edition banner (edition TBD) is printed on durable 10 oz. vinyl, measures approximately 18" x 36" and is only available at Mezco Direct.

Banners ship in April and are perfect for signing if you meet Mez, Ed, or Damien at a show!

 For more information visit:

Axe Cop Product Line by Mezco!

It's not often that we share press releases with our readers though this one did catch our eye.  It's for the Product lines of a new animated series called Axe Cop.  Axe Cop will be coming out on Fox this Summer.  The companies behind the products is Mezco Toyz and Surge Licensing.  Mezco is known for their Living Dead Dolls.  While Surge is a name that most of our readers here on Cowabunga Corner know real well.  As Surge played a huge part in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles History.  Mark Freedman of Surge Licensing brought us the original TMNT toys, cartoons, movies and so much more!  Let's show some support towards Surge's new property.  Here is some more information about Axe Cop by Mezco Toyz and Surge Licensing!