Press Release

Target Exclusive Unmasked Batman Pop!


Funko is excited to announce a Target Exclusive Unmasked Batman Pop!

Fabrikations: Star Wars

We have two new characters from our line of 6” soft sculpture figures!

Greedo and Chewbacca are joining the club!

Chewbacca may be the furriest Fabrikation...

Pop! Heroes: Arkham Asylum

From Arkham Asylum, the award winning action-adventure video game, we bring you a diabolical new Pop! series!

Picture this...

Arkham Asylum is home to Gotham's most vengeful criminals.

The Joker has trapped Batman inside while he holds Gotham hostage!

Batman has to fight his way out by facing Gotham's most dangerous psychopaths to free the city!

Batman and the villains of Arkham Asylum are coming soon!

Peavey(R) Releases Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Product Collection

div style="text-align:center">Peavey Electronics® Releases Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Fantastic Mr. Fox Legacy Collection & Sons of Anarchy Mini Wacky Wobblers

The Legacy Collection: Fantastic Mr. Fox

You won't even cussing believe it!

Get your whackbats, bandit masks, and blueberries!

We are excited to present another line of Legacy Figures!

From Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox, we bring you Mr. Fox, Ash, Rat and Kylie!

Pop! Marvel: Thor

Asgard is such a big world...

We couldn't leave it only to Thor and Loki!

Collect all the Thor Pop! characters!

You can now have Odin, Heimdall, Lady Sif, and a brand new Loki with his helmet!

That's right...More Loki!

You can never have enough Loki.

Mezco Announces Exclusive Doll And Free Living Dead Doll Book Signing Gift Bags Along With Basil Gogos Appearance

Mezco's October 10th book signing for the release of the long awaited Art of the Living Dead Dolls book was already one of the most anticipated events of New York Comic Con's Super Week, but Mezco has turned it up a notch and made it THE event every fan will want to attend.

Sci-Fi Mystery Minis & Halloween Items

Science Fiction fans will love our new set of Mystery Minis!

All of your favorite Sci-Fi characters have been miniaturized into tiny fantastical figures!

A few of your favorites even made it in their variant forms...

Check out that Stealth Predator!

Take a better look at the crew here!

PR: Pop! Television: The Walking Dead Series & Pop! Book Volume 3

Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead is upon us!

Everyone's favorite post-apocalyptic television show is returning on October 12th!

We have a brand new series of The Walking Dead Pop! to usher in the season premiere.

This cast of characters includes both survivors and adorable walkers.

Mezco Toyz New York Comic Con Exclusives Pre-Order Schedule

As the final week of summer begins, Mezco begins taking pre-orders on its exciting array of NYCC Exclusive items. Fans and collectors can chose from five much sought after limited edition items:

16th Anniversary Pink Posey- Monday 8/25, 1pm EST

Sons Of Anarchy Blue Prison Jax-Tuesday 8/26, 1pm EST

Sons Of Anarchy Orange Prison Clay-Tuesday 8/26, 1pm EST

Son Of Frankenstein-Wednesday 8/27, 1pm EST

Black & White Universal Monsters Mummy-Wednesday 8/27, 1pm EST