Review: Sakar's booth Toy Fair 2013










Review: LEGO Toy Fair Booth 2013

At New York City Comic Con 2012 LEGO let the world know that they are doing their line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Review: Toy Fair 2013

In the Mid 1990's, I started to learn that there was a value to collecting Turtle Toys.  I remember that I was at Borders Books as my mom and dad had friends they would meet up with once a month and I would wander around looking for something to do with myself.  I decided to pick up a toy magazine was surprised to find a long list of toys and how much they are worth.  So I flicked through and found Ninja Turtles and realized just how much there is in the collection that I had even at that time.  My curiosity on this got me to start picking up toy magazines and doing so I learned about Toy Fair.

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