We're back 2016

I am so sorry I’ve been gone so long this time.  I will openly state that this was the worse year of my life with health and stress.  But we’re not here to talk about that, instead what’s to come on Cowabunga Corner.

We want to start bringing you stories again here on the website.  Starting this week, Kodak Moments will be returning with photos from my past and present, which may or may not connect to stories already here on Cowabunga Corner.  We have pictures from my personal life to photos from TMNT events dating all the way back to 1990.  Kodak Moments are simple stories, done for fun and usually are posted on Thursdays.

We have event reviews.  While I have not been too active this year compared to past years, I have gone to a few events not yet covered here.  Midwest Media, Motor City Comic Con, the Premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows in New York City, Voice Actors  Rock Concert and San Diego Comic Con.  I’ve been lucky to meet up with many friends, fans and guests.  And would like to share memories and some video from these events.  Sadly we do not have video this year of the San Diego Comic Con TMNT panel, as once again they had special rule of no filming in that panel.  Sad times for TMNT fans who enjoyed filming these events.

A big story I will be posting this month will be covering the San Diego Comics Art Gallery by IDW.  This is a great location to visit if you’re in the San Diego area.  It held some things that just flushed memories into my head and made the place so very important to me.  I’ve got a lot of photos and memories to share from that awesome Gallery.  I hope everyone will enjoy and take the chance to visit, if they get to the San Diego area.

Interviews, while I don’t have a lot of interviews set up.  I am talking to a few people to do some Cowabunga Corner News interviews on current stuff going on with Ninja Turtles.  It would be great to start sharing the behind the scenes again, which is my favorite type of stories to show here on Cowabunga Corner.  Hopefully we will get some fresh interviews before the year is up that people may enjoy.  We also have interviews from Toy Fair 2016 to share, which we will work at getting up before Christmas to help people with their Christmas shopping lists this year.  As normal we got a lot of toys we want to share from Toy Fair for the Holiday season as well.

Episode, comics and even a movie review!  Yes, I’m so far behind in my reviews, I could kick myself.  I got so many thoughts and feelings to share on all of the new TMNT stuff.  I’m up to date on the comics, movies and TV series.  I have my likes, my dislikes, my geeky moments of going OMG and my times to slap myself in the face at things that make me go Ack.  All reviews are my own opinion.  I do not judge fellow fans by opinions of their own, as I know we all enjoy things for different reasons.  So I highly encourage people to share their own reviews in the comments of the review topics.  You can never have enough bloggers, forums, and websites sharing their reviews as we all bring new and fun points of view to the table.  The reviewer I watch the most is still Black Nerd Comedy, which I highly recommend to fellow fans who want a fun review for each of the current Nickelodeon episodes.

I wish I could say we’re going to bring back a ton of videos right away, though at this time videos can not be done at the location I’m staying.  We may have event or interview videos popping up soon, but any reviews were previously filmed.  Until I can get a new filming location for reviews.  This will give us a chance to take some of those other videos off the shelf and dust them off for viewing.

Cowabunga Corner Season episodes are still waiting for a new Cowabunga Corner set.  Even if I can get one for just one week, to film the season’s worth of episodes.  We will get Cowabunga Corner Season 6 together.  The goal now is to turn around from all these hard times and start enjoying life again.  And I hope everyone is there for the ride.

Please share with us here, if there’s anything you want to see back here on Cowabunga Corner.  What do you enjoy about the website?  Hopefully we can bring it back.  


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Donatello19's picture

Yay I'm so glad you're back! Looking forward to new Cowabunga Corner content, and even though I say this everytime, I hope everything is getting better for you!

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Welcome back, Michelle! And keep going with the Cowabunga Corner videos. I love to hear your great reviews.

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So psyched that you're trying to get back to that which brings you joy, Michele.  It's time for an uplift!  Cowabunga Corner is back! XD