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When I was a kid my family had a large interest in costumes.  My dad would make some of the best costumes in town, these big foam costumes that would go out and win costume contests.  A lot of his costumes could drink through fingers, blow smoke and had light up eyes.  Watching costumes being built was a big deal for me, and movies with costumes stood out.  I loved both puppets and costumes, they were a strong pulling pint for me.  Howard the Duck was one movie that really stood out to us when we were young, but then came the Ninja Turtle movies.  Henson did such an amazing job on those costumes, it was amazing to see what they could do.  Every time I see the first two movies the costumes pull me into the movie where I just have to sit and watch them.  They were just inspiring.

When Playmates Toys came out with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze toys they were different and stood out.  Though they did not truly catch the look and feel of the movie.  For me as a kid, they caught it enough to make those toys stand out as some of my favorites.  A few years ago Playmates Toys showed a panel at San Diego Comic Con, announcing the Movie Classic line.  The pictures they showed at the panel looked like the Henson costumes and I got excited.  But when Toy Fair rolled around, I felt my heart sink as the details we saw in the photos at Comic Con did not come full circle.  These did not look like the costumes to me. 

At Toy Fair 2016 hope returned to me for a Live Action Turtle that felt like the Ninja Turtles from the films when I saw the NECA booth with a very cool Donatello there.  At Comic Con International NECA stepped it up with all four Turtles and showing the real sizes of these TMNT figures!  I knew one thing, these are some of the MUST have figures for any fan of the original TMNT films. 

Through the years of knowing some great people through the convention world, I have had the honor to meet Trevor Zammit, an artist at NECA.  Trevor and I got to talk, and he informed us that he worked on both these and the Arcade Turtles that came out for San Diego Comic Con.  I knew this was a story that was worth sharing with the fans.  One of the talented artist who helped bring some amazing TMNT Toys to life.  This is my interview with Trevor, so make sure to check out the video.

I will not fully compare these toys to Playmates Toys.  There is a large difference in who the toys are made for and the price market.  While a Classic TMNT Toy from Playmates is $20, these big detailed toys from NECA are anywhere between $90 to $100 each.  Both are working towards the fandom, each bringing a different taste to the market for us.  I do still collect both.  I just feel, that these NECA toys will remain a sight to see with the film look.  While the Playmates Toys Classic Line, is more of a toy that is affordable for fans who are not going all out for the high ticket items.  Something for everyone.

The NECA TMNT toys are based on the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.  Which happen to be my favorite design for the Ninja Turtles.  The expressions are so close to the costumes it’s amazing.  The NECA crew did fantastic.  If you’re interested in one of these Donatello figures they come to the market this month.  You can order him now on Entertainment Earth.  Best get him, before he’s off the market!

Did you learn something new in this interview?  Do you have a  question for Trevor?  Which movie Turtle are you most excited to get?  Are you going to buy the full set?  Please share thoughts, comments and questions below!



TMNT Donatello 1:4 Scale Action Figure

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What a great story! Can't wait to hear him talk about the various figures he's designed. That Donatello looks sick!!