Michele Ivey's "Cowabunga Corner" #40

In this episode I share video footage from June 5th, 2004 taken at my house. The VH1 Crew was there to film an episode of "Totally Obsessed" and I was the target. I got into this when a friend recommened me to contact VH1 in February 2004 about a show they were starting up about collectors. This friend, did not realize that they weren't going to share my real story either.

I went through and contacted them, they had me send in a video of me with some of my collection. I was just moving into the house that I live at now during that time, so my room had no carpet, tv stand, or anything I just filled the floor with Turtle toys and talked at the camera as I sat in the middle of the toys. We sent in the video, than for the next few months I was taking calls from VH1 asking questions about me, my collection, what I've done, ect... finally they told me they were coming out, only giving me a little over a week to get ready.

In that time my room just got it's bed and tv stand, so I had to work and get my collection moved over from the other house. Making this the display that shows the most of my collection that I've ever had out at one time. And even here we could not fit everything into the display, boxes of TMNT toys, books and so much more were still packed away in other parts of the house.

After the show was filmed, I made the choice not to tell anyone I even did the show originally. I was just going to let it slide by, and not get notice incase VH1 did something I wasn't thrilled about. Though as soon as the ads came on TV, people started poking me about it. The news came out and people took notice... more notice to it than I could of excepted. This episode of Totally Obsessed got me in news papers, on the news, and even in a book of Ripley's Believe it or not. People are talking about on all sorts of message boards... why? Cause they made me look crazy.

I realize a few things as I'm reading the comments. People are talking about a short clip, where you don't get to see the real me at all. I almost see what the VH1 doing as, creating a new character for TV. So people are juding that character, not me. There is no real way to judge me with all the lies put into that episode. It's funny to watch, and yes they caught a lot of funny stuff to throw in there, but it's not the real story.

In early 2007 this episode of "Totally Obsessed" was uploaded to youtube. And it became even more known, it's first few weeks it was getting a lot of views. The person who uploaded this video titled it "The Worlds Biggest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan",

Do I regret being on Totally Obsessed?

Not at all, it was a lot of fun, I know and realize that the lies are not true. And it's funny to see people's reactions to it. It was amazing going across country in 2009 having so many people in every state we went to, that knew who I was. I enjoy most of all meeting other Turtle fans, and that's really what the show did for me, it helped me meet so many new and wonderful friends.

True some people judge me for the show, a few minute clip edited by a skilled crew at VH1. Though people who judge before learning for themselves, are not normally the people I want to get to know. Anyone willing to get to know me, could find a real friend who has so much more going than what that clip could ever show.

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Editing: Michele & Phoenix
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Just wanted to say I love the show! Me and my wife run a podcast called iheartpodcast and we talk about all things nerdy. Ive been a hue turtles fan since I was 3 or 4 and its always fun for me to stop by your site and check out the updates. I especially love your interviews. Me and y wife actually saw you at NYCC an I immedialty pointed you out at the Turtles panel(which was awesome) but I didn't want to bug you because I knew your were working. Anyways keep up te good work and check out my site if you'd like. I'm planning on doing a turtles special episode soon.

Michele Ivey's picture

Hiya, thanks so much for commenting and I'll try and check out your podcast sometime. Let me know when the TMNT episode is done. If you ever see me at an event again, and I do go to NYC Comic Con yearly please do say hi! I always enjoy meeting other TMNT fans, and setting up to record a panel isn't something that I can not do while talking with other awesome people. :)

There is a review of that panel here on Cowabunga Corner, posted recently. If you want, feel free to share your review of the panel in the comment section. It's always good to hear what others thought of the event as well.

If you're at NYC Comic Con next year, let me know. Maybe we can meet up.

Thanks. Sounds great :)

hey Michele
i just wanted to say i really enjoy watching cowabunga corner i think ur doing a great job! and i wish i had a big collection of ninja turtle collectibles as u! i was wondering if u had a big collection of comic books? cuz thats mainly what i collect of the turtles.n e ways keep up the good work!

Michele Ivey's picture


I do collect the Turtle Comics, they're the only comic book series that I collect. From Mirage, Archie, Image and now IDW I enjoy collecting as much of it as I can. You may be interested in checking out Cowabunga Corner episode 55 where I share some of my original art from the comic books. :) Thanks for commenting, always good to meet fellow collectors.

Keep up the good work, Mich.

Michele Ivey's picture

Thanks :)