1991 Turtles at School

Every year for my birthday back when I was in elementary school, my mom would bring cupcakes for the full class.  Though only one of those times did it really stand out as it was during the best school year of my life.  I’ve already shared how I was bullied in school.  Well, in the sixth grade my mom moved me to another school, sadly I was only in this school for one year, Harding Elementary, with my teacher Mr. Aspinwall. That year, while I didn’t really blend in with the other kids my age, I had friends through the school and enjoyed school a lot more.  Mr. Aspinwall would even include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into my teaching to try and help me where I had problems.

It was during this year that we started doing children’s birthday parties with my turtle costume, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II came to theaters, and TMNT could be found in most every store around.  I was playing Ninja Turtle games with the younger kids during lunch time and Mr. Aspinwall would have me do drawings of the Ninja Turtles for his son.  It was the first time in my life where TMNT really were more than just a cartoon I watched, it was becoming a big part of my life and helping me through so much.  True, it was in 1990 when I first read a book, but that was my home life giving help.  Now I had friends, was making people happy, and overall enjoying life.

It was May 1991, I was waiting in class for my mom to get there with the cupcakes.  We were in a three story building and my class was on the top floor.  Our window overlooked the parking lot which was near the gym.  I wanted to see my mom get there.  Though Mr. Aspinwall kept telling me to get back to my desk.  I did not realize that they had more planned for this day than just cupcakes.  My classroom never did anything for me over at Wilson Elementary.  We’d just eat the cupcakes my mom brought in.  Though I so looked forward to this year.

I did not get to watch my mom walk into the school that day, though when she came to the door of my classroom there was a surprise with her.  She walked in with Michaelangelo and Bebop following her.  My Turtle costume!  Miki was wearing it, and I laughed so hard.  It was Miki’s first time wearing the costume.  The class really got into this as they even had a birthday gift for me, a TMNT Movie poster plus a card signed by everyone in the classroom.  What a real treat.  We took photos with me standing near Miki in the costume.  This is one of two times where she wore that costume with me there with her.  The other time was at Mr. Aspinwall’s son’s Birthday party.

Here’s the video from that Birthday party:

To this day, the poster that I was given still hangs in my bedroom and reminds me of the only school year where I had a class full of friends.

Have you ever had a TMNT party at your school?  Did your school ever do anything for your birthday?  Please feel free to share, comment or ask questions in the comment area below.  All email addresses are kept private.

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