2011 TMNT Merch Review!

In 2011, a lot of Ninja Turtle items came out to stores.  We had T-Shirts, mugs, backpacks, pajamas, blankets, and more.  Spencer Gifts and Hot Topic were two of my top stores for 2011, because they carry these items, most of which is displaying images of the original toon Turtle design upon them.  I am guilty of buying a lot of these items that have come out, so in this write up I’ll like to share about some of my favorite TMNT items from 2011.

The first thing that comes to mind is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lava Lamp .  Even as a child I loved Lava Lamps, my sister had one.  It was amusing to watch when on, and on cold days it helped add some heat to the room.  So when I heard about the Lava Lamps I just had to buy one.  It’s different, not something I ever thought I’d see made for Turtle fans, and is small enough to display without taking up much room.   There’s two different designs, both of which are cool.  I picked them up from Spencer Gifts, and have one out on my desk to turn on during those cold winter days.

Something else I really like is the Ninja Turtle PJs from Hot Topic.  They only had them in Raphael, but they’re full body and very warm.  The sizes at Hot Topic are a lot more comfortable to me than the ones that Spencer Gifts released.  So I wear them more often.  Though these are not something I would wear in public, when friends are staying the night or even at a hotel room.  I prefer sleep pants and a t-shirt for sleeping in.  These are good for these cold days at home alone.

The last thing from last year’s awesome TMNT releases is another item from Hot Topic.  This is the Ninja Turtle headphones.   I have used the headphones often, from working on editing stuff for Cowabunga Corner, watching stuff on YouTube while others around are trying to talk, and even listening to music while driving, as others in the car are trying to sleep.  Overall they’re good headphones with great sound.

Throughout the year, I shopped at both of these stores. I can clearly say that Spencer Gifts had more Ninja Turtle items in 2011.  That does not change the fact that the stuff Hot Topic carried was great items, not found at Spencer Gifts.  I enjoy going to both of these stores, and the workers at both stores know me when I walk in.  They usually are very informative on what’s new.

Did you collect any of the 2011 Ninja Turtle items?  If so, what did you collect and what is some of your favorite items you bought.  Please share in the comment area below.


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