2012 Nickelodeon TMNT Merch: CD Player

CDPlayerNickelodeon is starting to kick out merchandise that the fans can enjoy.  The best thing is that it’s not only toys that are coming to the market but a bunch of things that even us big kids could enjoy.  I will like to share some of these new TMNT items that are coming out, which could be easily overlooked if people are not looking for them.  This week I’m covering the new TMNT CD Player by Sakar International.


Music is a big thing for people.  A lot of people enjoy bringing their music with them on the go, this started with the old Walkman system, using a tape deck and earphones.  Since then the technology has gone in so many new directions.  Tapes are no longer a leading way of listening to music as people are buying CDs or downloading from the internet.  While most people have switched to carrying their music on media players as files, like I Pods and smart Phones, others are using portable CD players.  Not in the high demand that they once were, these devices are still coming to the market.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle CD Player is made by the same people who brought us the Tablet Case and the Digital Clock Radio.  I’m seeing a pattern in the packaging, with the images being used.  The CD Player is in a clear plastic case made to fit, with a cardboard insert for packaging details.  In the right top corner is the image that has been used on most other products of the four Turtles.  Top left hand corner is the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles logo that says CD Player underneath it. The bottom left hand corner has in yellow text “Listen to your favorite tunes!”.

Since this is clear plastic wrapper, I’m looking right at the CD Player through the plastic.  It’s blue and has a circle image of the four Turtles on the front.  While this is their first time using these images for Don, Mike and Leo on the product, the Raphael image is the same one used on the Digital Clock Radio.  In the middle of the CD Player seems to be three green buttons.  On the rim of the radio, outside of the lid/cover area is a display screen and 7 buttons.  Labeled with small white text under each button “play” “stop” “prev” “next” “mode” “prog” “open”  around to the right of the writing is a volume control plus three plug in areas.  Each of the plug in areas are labeled as well there’s the one with the picture of headphones, next is DC in and last is Line out.  Under the CD player you can see the earpieces of the head phones. That is all you can see of the product in the packaging from the front.

On the back of the packaging you have more of the writing.  In the top left corner again is the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Logo.  Under that is a bar code.  In the right hand upper corner there is Green big text that says “CD PLAYER” in smaller yellow text under that it says:

* Digital LCD Display
* Rotary Volume control
* Includes Stereo Headphones
* Plays Standard CD-R Format
* 20 Track Programming memory

The packaging bubbles out in the middle where you see the full headphones, a square with a paper folded inside that says Operating Instructions Portable CD Player.  Between the top of the headphones and the square is some white text on cardboard packaging.  It says.

Package Contents:
* CD Player
* One Stereo Headphones
* DC 4.5V Adapter Jack
* AC Adapter Optional
* Uses 2 AA Batteries [Not Included]
* 1 Year Warranty Card

And even further down on the cardboard, covered up by the area that has the Operating Instructions paper is more white text that reads. “Keep Manual and all relevant Information for future reference”

The bottom of the packaging has the copy right information and Sakar International's information.  It also has the small parts warning and battery warnings.

Really I’m surprised to see a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CD walkman thing.  I don’t see too many people carrying these around and was thinking the one I got based on the 4Kids series would be the last one to be made.  Because I already have a CD Player that I barely use, this one will stay in it’s packaging.  It was picked up for the collection, so when I do a Museum I have one to display.  So I can not say how good these will work or not.  I bought this product at Toys R Us in December 2012.

I can say that I wish they used an orange base on this one.  The Tablet case made sense with a purple based color for Donatello with I pads and tablets.  The clock fit Leonardo with the blue as the Turtle that would keep more of an alarm clock schedule.  Though the CD Walkman would've been nice if it had a Michelangelo theme.

For portable music I do hope they come out with a T pod.  Which could be made to look like the one in the series. Being able to holds and plays music.

Do you have the 2012 TMNT CD Player by Sakar?  If so what is your thoughts on it?  Does it sound good with CDs?  Please share all reviews, comments and questions below.

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