2014 Michigan Flood

On Monday August 11th, 2014 Michigan was hit with a rain storm that has caused lots of damage to the Detroit area.  Flooding.  Streets, basements, and more.  Cars were trapped on the freeways as they filled with water.  Others had sewage back up, bringing water out of the sinks.  This flood directly affected my family and I.  As our basement was flooded while we were on vacation down to Florida for the Nickelodeon Resorts attempt to break the World Record of people dressed as Turtles.  We just returned to Michigan Monday morning and this is some coverage of the beginning of our new trials.  The reason Cowabunga Corner has not had fresh stories two days in a row.

The basement is used as storage for my family.  When we moved into this house, it was my Grandparents home.  Boxes were stacked up of stuff from our old home, where we lived for 20 years.  In 2003 the basement became storage.  In 2009, Miki had a job offer out west.  She let go of her home in Ferndale, and some of the belongings from that house joined the stuff down in our basement.  And then in 2010, my brother also moved bringing stuff to be stored.  This basement is boxes stacked in different areas for different things.  With stuff from four different homes stored down there.   While there was a lot of boxes, it was stacked and easy to move around through the storage boxes. 

Also in the basement we had a section that was my dad’s work area.  Where he would build props for Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive In, build his costumes and other art.  We also had our large Freezer down there.  These sections of the basement was used often, bringing traffic down there daily.  Lots of important items kept down there, feeling safe, as flooding in the basement normally would not go above the bottom step, if it happened. 

When we came in on August 18th, early Monday morning we came in to the biggest mess we’ve ever seen down there.  The flood waters took down our stacks of boxes, the floor was covered with mud and items that once sat at the top of the boxes.  Everything out of order.  Our stored items had to be floating around down there.  The stink is strong and bad.  Lots of boxes, bags and products destroyed.  Our home owners insurance does not have flood coverage.  So we’re going through the local help that is being brought in for the damage.

I had one day to work at getting things out of the basement so far.  Finding lots that had to be thrown away, from family photos, homemade costumes, props, newspapers, and a full freezer full of food.  On Tuesday I had a small surgery to go in for, which is keeping me from working on the house for two days.  I will return to removing stuff from the basement on Thursday.

At this point none of my TMNT collection has been found destroyed down there, though there’s still a lot of boxes that need to be sorted through.  My mom and dad can’t handle going up and down the stairs, they are helping sort things in the driveway as I bring the boxes up from the basement.  I am taking photos and video recording the progress of getting the stuff out of the house. 

This is what my family, as well as most of our general area, is going through right now.  It may delay my video editing and write ups here on Cowabunga Corner.  Though we have to get all of this trash out of our house now before things get worse.  If you know Ferndale, Michigan than you’d know that we don’t have any large body of water right there.  Not much fear of floods here.  This is a very unusual situation we’re in right now, which has taken the city by surprise. 

Are you in the Detroit Michigan area?  Or have you’ve ever gone through a flood before?  Feel free to share your stories from having to deal with Floods.  All questions and comments are welcomed below.


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