2015 Events - Toonseum TMNT Exhibit

It’s been awhile since I have written here, and I’m sorry about that.  My family has desperately needed me, and I’ve often said “family first” on all things.  So Cowabunga Corner has been one of the areas I had to step back from for a little bit to help my family get things in order.   While we’re still working on things, I’d like to do an update on things to come from Cowabunga Corner.  Hopefully soon! 

We still have more stories from Toy Fair, including a full clip of just the Playmates Toys booth.  We’re also going to cover a few of our other favorite booths in way more detail.  Also coming up is coverage of the Toonseum display and event that was held in March.  We got footage from both of the talks given that night and can’t wait to share that with everyone.  In April there was Midwest Media Expo, and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite panels from that awesome event.   In a few weeks, I’ll be going to Motor City Comic Con.  So the events that we’re covering are still piling up.

I can’t choose a favorite out of all of these events as they all bring something else to the table.  So here I’ll share a little about the events we have not yet covered.  Starting with Toonseum. 

This was a one day event, where Andrew Fargo and myself were doing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle speeches.  I was told Andrew was doing the history of TMNT. Since I did not know how much he was going to cover, I decided to try a panel on the differences of the cartoon.  I put together a video clip from it, using the interviews we did and a little bit of a slideshow to show how much the three series are alike.

We had a decent size crowd packed into the Toonseum that night.  As I was the first talker, I was surprised on how many people seem to rather talk about Cowabunga Corner and me rather than the cartoon.  So we would go off topics as I answered questions.  The panel was meant to be more interactive,so I was not as ready for this event as I would’ve hoped.  I still had fun.  I could’ve made the panel all about Cowabunga Corner, though being only one panel I don’t normally make them about myself as I’d rather share the information on the Turtles themselves.

Andrew went up and talked a lot about his book next.  He did share a very fast version of the history of TMNT.  He shared a lot about his book, how he got the job, how he did his interviews and why it’s good to pick up the second printing of the book.  While he did his talk, they were scrolling stuff from his book up on the screen behind him.

After the speech we went into the TMNT exhibit in the next room over and had pizza and drinks.  We got to talk with the TMNT fans while there, had some good talks. One brought in his custom TMNT Movie toys done to look more like the movie.  It was really well done.  The Toonseum even got to put them on display for a few weeks.  

In the display was comic and cartoon art, storyboards, scripts, and my movie props.  I sent stuff out for this set up back in January.  It’s always good to see these rare TMNT items out for the public to view.  Everything was a mix between mine and Andrew’s collection. 

Overall, that event was a lot of fun and I would love to do this with other museums and galleries that would like to do TMNT events.  While the TMNT event is no longer at the Toonseum, I still highly recommend the place to fellow TMNT fans.  I have been going there for a few years now, and have always embraced the idea of comic and cartoon museums.  If you’re interested the Toonseum is located in Pittsburgh, PA. 

A big thank you to everyone for having us out there!  A shout out to Harold for working with me through all of this.   We will have more stories on my visit to the Toonseum, including video!

Have you been to the Toonseum?  Did you go to the TMNT exhibit they just did?  Did you make it for the event night when Andrew and I were there?  Were you there for the kids day that I sadly missed out on?   If yes, to any of this please share your memories here!  All reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below!

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