Aug 2015: Update on Ernie Reyes Jr

In June, we found out that Ernie Reyes Jr had kidney failure earlier this year.  So many questions keep flying as people want to know how Ernie is doing.  What is going on, if he’s getting a kidney transplant or not?  What changes are in store for him?  I’ve seen a lot of love go his way from the fandom and some people just assuming things.  This is a hard time in anyone’s life, and I’m out to help bring the support towards Ernie as he needs it.  I got to see him at Fandom Fest 2015 and he was kind enough to sit down and talk about what’s going on.

Ernie is doing as well as one can be, with what he’s going through.  He’s able to keep a smile on his face, come to see the fans and keep moving forward.  He’s a strong inspiration to anyone who is going through major medical problems, as he is keeping his life going while still working to get things taken care of medically.  He’s still got tests going on, to see if he can get a kidney transplant, which is the goal.  Until then, he’s going about everything he can to keep getting the proper care.

Right now us fans can be here to help.  The important thing to keep in mind is that just because someone has held a good career does not mean that they’re built of money or have good medical.  Everyone has a different story behind them, and not all medical groups are good.  Ernie is not the only one out there who’s going through fighting high bills for kidney failure.  Medical bills could break a person, bury them and kick them out of the picture. It is not our place to question people when these problems come up and they ask for help.  It is up for us to decide if we want to help or not.

A few dollars out of our pockets to help someone through a rough time can not just help with the bill itself but the mental state of mind for the person in need.  If Ernie has ever brought a smile to your face when you’ve been down, helped someone you know, or just been there in your lifetime and you think it’s worth a little bit of time, please step forward and help, either by donating to his “GoFundMe” page or spreading the word to others who would care to help.  Word of mouth is a powerful motivation.

I would like to say sorry about my voice. I lost my voice a few days before the convention started, but I did not want the fact that I had no voice to stop us from covering this story. Sadly, the wireless microphones were not in the bag with the camera so we have a lot of other sounds from the convention to speak over.

For those who don’t know, Fandom Fest was a convention in Louisville, KY just a few weeks ago.  They had a good list of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle guests, including Cowabunga Corner bringing in movie props and more to share.  Our Fandom Fest Review will be posted on Cowabunga Corner.

Thank you, Ernie, for taking the time to talk to us for this short interview!  Best of luck in everything you do and keep fighting!   And thanks everyone for checking out this interview.  Please spread the word! 

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