August 2016 Update - Where am I?

Ferndale Family Home with Claudia and David IveyLife has not been easy this 2016.  Between pain, lawyers, and moving it's been more like a roller coaster.  Never having time to heal up enough to write or film.  Not able to really pull myself together enough to share my passion.  And even finding myself hiding away from the computer more.  I want to break this feeling that's upon me.  The stress alone feels like major weights upon my chest.  I'm hoping things will turn around by time the year is out.  For now, I'm staying in California.  Doing only a few events to try and remind myself why I push forward in life.  With a strong family and circle of close friends helping me through this time.   Once I have a home.  Once I got the energy to film.  Once the stress is not so heavy, I will start filming Cowabunga Corner normally again. 

Right now I'm living at a friend's place.  There's no room for filming, I do not have a space of my own to focus on writing.   I still watch every episode of TMNT on Nickelodeon, oh wow do I have a story to share about "The Most Interesting Fish in the World" line.  I'm caught up on the IDW Comic Books, poor Michelangelo still not able to face the choices his family has made.  I can not wait to buy a 3D Copy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Out of the Shadows Blu Ray.  Bebop and Rocksteady totally make that movie awesome!  I still wear TMNT clothes everyday.  And I will make it to New York City Comic Con to see the TMNT panel there.  I may be in the shadows right now, but I am still alive and hope to come out of these shadows soon.  With real life stories of what took me down, how bad it got and what it took to pulling me back to my feet.  

Even with all the pain from RSD through the years, Cowabunga Corner was the one thing that made me feel like I was doing something.  Sharing my passion is like taking a medication, it makes me smile to know that people enjoy what I do here.  And hearing some of the stories from fans, how Cowabunga Corner has helped them.  Thank you to all who've come up and said hi to me, when I'm out and around.  Meeting you all has only encouraged me more to not let this website disappear.  I will start getting stories up again, as soon as I can.  As one of the big stresses that's been holding my family down has finally been lifted.  The family home is sold.  As much as I wish we could've saved it, the house was too much of a burden on the family and only hurt my mom and dad more in the long run.  That is one of three major stress things that's going on in our lives right now.  I will have news on the next one, soon.  Sadly, it too is ending badly.  But we're going to try and make the best out of what we have.

Here is the update done for Go Fund Me about the House being sold.

Life has no intent on slowing down. Though old stories are finding their endings.  After the long struggle of trying to save our family home, the choice was made to say goodbye to the house.  Since we’ve been out of the house, I have not felt the feeling of home, more of a drifter than I’ve ever been. I am hoping to fix that problem before Christmas.

I have been sitting on any updates with the house, because for a while we did not know where it would be going.  After the GoFundMe started, I felt there was a chance.  The donations through GoFundMe went straight into my folks account, which went from there into ways to help with the house.  We shouldn’t have put so much of it down into the Principal right away.  As it would’ve been nice to have had that money to keep up with the payments instead.  We had a friend try to buy the house, though that fell through which only made it take longer before we got the house onto the market. The stress over the house this year alone, has taken it’s toll on both of my parents.

This month the house has officially been sold, and is no longer a part of our family.  It feels like it took a long time to come to this point.  And because we were going for a short sale, and trying to work things out with lawyers, I did not feel I could give updates on things until things were sorted out.  I am hoping that with the house sold, the stress will be lifted from my parents.

I want to send out a huge Thank You to everyone who took part in trying to help my folks during that rough time.  Every bit of the donations lifted some of the stress.  I still remember crying when we reached $20,000, getting to tell my mom that we had some real help.  She broke down crying to me too.  I tried to send out personal Thanks to everyone who donated, but truthfully I can never express how thankful I really am.

The next goal is to get a house in California.  We’re hoping to do so by Christmas, as we’ve been looking over the details for some time now.  I want to see my family with a real home again, that’s my real goal. 

Thanks again everyone!  I wish the last post here was that we were able to save the house.  Maybe I’ll do one more post to update when we have a new home so it’s a happy ending.  Until then, best wishes everyone.


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All right! An update! Sometimes down but never quite dead; Cowabunga Corner for life!!!

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Take as long as you need Michelle, I hope things start looking up for you soon. Also, I'm glad to hear you're still keeping up with the Nickelodeon series and all!

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Thank you for letting us know about the situation of your family home. I hope everything is the best for you, and start a new life in California with a new house. Best wishes, Margui.