BBO : TMNT Stackables 4


There’s a lot of products that come out these days as blind boxes.  These are toys that you never know which one of the collection you’re going to get till you open it.  For me, it’s a collectors worse nightmare cause you end up buying the same toy over and over looking for the entire collection.  Though I would be lying, if I say it’s not fun opening the box.  Almost like opening a present, with the excitement build up to see what’s next.  So I decided to film blind box openings to share with all of you.  This weekly video will be short opening of bling box toys.  This first set of blind boxes to be shared is the Playmates Toys TMNT Stackables.

How the Blind Box videos work.  I will open a blind box, if it’s a new character I’ll share some short thoughts about the new character.  If it’s a toy that’s already been shared I will open one more bag, if that’s a new character I will then share information about the new character.  But if it’s another repeat, we may add some more information about the blind bags.  Though no more new ones will be opened during that episode.  At the most two toys will be revealed. 

Please use the comment section below to either guest which character will be opened next week.  Or let us know your thoughts on the characters we opened in this video.  It would be fun to see how many people guess right, week from week!  All of the Blind Box videos are recorded on the same day.  By doing the video this way we will be sharing our ride of looking for the characters, our reactions of excitement and disappointment upon each box opening.  And our joy of going along with the hunt. 

There’s no promises of a new character each week.  As you don’t get that promise when you’re buying the toy to begin with.  These videos are for fun.  Which is what fandom should truly be about.  Enjoy the ride and passion as we go through the blind boxes.

In this series of BBO, I am joined by my friends Mondo Gecko and Metalhead.   I met both of these awesome TMNT fans through New York City Comic Con.  We met because of our passion for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the excitement of sharing what we enjoy.  They’re both members of the TMNT-L forums.  And asked to go by their TMNT-L nicknames for their work here on Cowabunga Corner. 

Do you have any of the TMNT stackables by Playmates Toys?  Did you get the character revealed in this video, if so let us know your thoughts on this character below.  Please take a guess at which character we’ll be opening next week!  Find out if you’re right!   All questions and comments are welcomed below!


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