Building TMNT Lair 2012 playset: Part 1

The biggest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Playmates Toy is the new Sewer Lair playset.  This is the third lair that has come out to the market in Ninja Turtle history.  The first one was based for the original cartoon series in the early 1990’s, the second sewer lair was made for the 4Kids series in the mid 2000’s, and now we have the lair based off of the Nickelodeon series.  Each time the toy gets larger with more pieces and more tricks for kids to have fun with.  This is one of two videos of me putting this lair together.

The reasons this video is split is because of how big the toy is.  There is a lot of edits in the video as it took me over 2 hours to put the lair together.  The biggest problem was finding all the pieces.  So I highly recommend anyone who is putting this together to go through all of the pieces first, lay them out and make sure you have lots of space as there are a ton of pieces for this playset.  I cut searching for parts to help speed up the video.  Using two different cameras to try and get our best shots.

The second half of this video will be up in a few weeks.  It will contain the rest of the footage in finishing up the Lair.  Including finding where each of the stickers go.

Have you got the lair?  Was your set one of the early ones like mine where it was hard to find the pieces, or did you get a later set where they had things easier find?  Please tell us about putting your lair playset together.  All reviews, comments and questions welcomed below.

Host: Michele Ivey
Camera: Miki Ivey
Editing: Michele Ivey
Music: “Pink Day” by Voranski
Location: Shadow Wolf’s home


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Stickers were the hardest part. Kids wanted to play and I was trying to jam the sewer sludge sticker in. How can you afford to buy all that stuff? I work two jobs and can't come close.

Michele Ivey's picture

Time, planning, saving up, and good friends... anything that I've bought for the collection has come from my own income. Though I also do get a lot of gifts from great people out there. My collection has been building since 1989... I would not be able to build something like this up in a few years or anything like that.

I got mine for christmas, it was quite an unexpected delight. I wanted it mostly to display the older figures, though I have the original playset it's just a bit crowded! I have the one from the '02 line as well but haven't taken it out of the box yet (limited space)

Anyways, I put it together yesterday, and it was fun for me, it's a really well designed and intricate set, playsets are a rarity as it is these days, and ones of this imaginative and fun and detailed type are nonexistent. Hasbro released a huge playset for the GI JOE movie a few years back, and it was the dullest hunk of exspensive green plastic I've ever had the misfortune of purchasing.

My only qualm was the stickers... I didn't put half of them on, and two got wrecked which really upset me, wish I could replace them. I didn't know where most went and at the risk of ruining more i just let it be, it looks fine enough with out them. But I love this set, I wish I could afford another! I'd just be happy getting more stickers.

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Yeah the stickers were hard to find where they went. That will be in part two of me putting this together.

I have to agree that this is very fun, lots of great stuff to it. One of my favorites is the tire swing :)

I got my 2012 Sewer Lair several months ago. I used both the instructions & the Picture on the box to help me put it together. One thing that annoyed me was the sticker on the bottom where the green sewage would be, i think they should have use put that sicker on there first before doing any thing else. Great set though. Oh, i would love to see someone make a set that used almost every thing from all three sets & make it work and look great.