Cars 2 : Movie Review

With the success of most CGI movies these day, it was only a matter of time before the ‘Cars’ movie got its sequel.  Lightning McQueen will make his return to the big screen with all of his friends to learn another life lesson.  Fans of all of the original characters of the first movie will probably enjoy this movie and a good fun well rounded movie for all fans to enjoy. Knowing Disney and Pixar’s history with Toy Story, one could hope that they could keep that kind of feeling going with the Cars franchise, as well.

My real excitement showed through with a trailer before the movie even started for the new Muppet Movie.  This is something I really cannot wait to see, so it was nice to see this trailer.  After that we got a Toy Story short, which was well done, funny and true to character. 

Once the actual movie started, it was all going great as we went into Radiator Springs with most of our old favorite characters.  Though this time doesn’t long before Lightning McQueen gets pulled into some big race, World Grand Prix, where he goes overseas to Japan, Italy and England.  For this, he’s talked into bringing his best friend, Mater, which we’re hinted does not usually get to go to the races with him.  When we get to their first stop it shows Mater and McQueen having a lot of fun with some great jokes for anyone who loves Japanese stuff like anime and their lifestyle.  Really a fun intro, but it did not take long to realize where this movie was going after this.

McQueen is embarrassed by Mater and even asks him not to be himself, a storyline that is overused in a lot of different movies, tv shows, books, and even seen often in real life.  This little interaction between Mater and McQueen hinted to me what the rest of the movie was going to be about; there was going to be a fight between the two of them, Mater was going to leave and do something great while McQueen felt guilty and once re united they’d make up and McQueen will realize he likes Mater just the way he is.  Sad to see such a simple plot being used as the main underlying story of the movie.  Though I was right.

The movie was no longer the “Lightning McQueen” movie.  It was now the “Mater” movie as Mater got himself tangled up in a spy mission as a group of cars from London that were under cover made a mistake to think that Mater is an American spy.  We follow Mater through a mission to help stop a group of terrorist from attacking the races to save McQueen’s life.

The movie is funny with a lot of great art work and insight upon the different countries they visit.  The characters are spot on to the first movie.  With small appearances from the other characters that we got to know, along with a handful of new characters.  So if you’re going to a movie, and like Mater a lot, then you will enjoy this movie since Mater is the real star of the movie.  He’s a like-able character which has a lot of fans out there.  Though it would of been as if they made a Toy Story movie all about Rex, with Woody and Buzz as secondary characters.  While fun, it just had a strange feeling of misplacement to the movie.  Instead of being a sequel it could of been more of a spin-off with a new title like  “Mater’s Greatest Mission: A Cars Film” or something along those lines.

John Lasseter returned from “Cars” to direct “Cars 2” bringing back most of the cast from the original cars film, Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen and Larry the Cable Guy as Mater. A nice touch to the film though was adding Michael Caine into the cast with a leading role as Finn McMissile. Personally, I’ve enjoyed Michael’s work for many years, one of my favorite films he has worked on is the Muppets Christmas Carol.  It is always great to see him working on a film, and he did a really good job on this movie.

Like all Pixar films, the graphics were amazing, really well done and eye candy for anyone.  I do not recommend the 3D, for the same reason I don’t normally recommend it.  It was not used to it’s fullest degree, making it so this movie can be enjoyed just as much if not in 3D.  Save yourself a few dollars without worry of missing some great feature that would happen if the movie was in 3D.

I highly recommend this movie for anyone who enjoyed the first movie and likes Mater.  Just don’t go in with high hopes of seeing the other characters that much in the film.  This is “The Mater Movie”.  If you like CGI films, than most likely you’ll like this film.  This plot line is very thick with details, which can help or hurt a film depending on who’s seeing it.

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Wish to have the 3rd one...