CCN: Ciro Nieli Interview 2013

It’s been a very rough ride lately for my family from one health issue to another.  I am sorry that I have taken such a long break from Cowabunga Corner, though family does come first.  I am back and going to work on stories now at least three times a week till things are back up to full swing at my household.  With episode reviews, toy reviews, and comic reviews starting back up now.  Let’s not do this come back small!  We’re going straight into an interview with Ciro Nieli done before Season 2 started on Nickelodeon!

Ciro Nieli is an executive producer on Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He’s been the head guy behind the show since it started being put together, designing the looks of characters, coming up with the plot, hiring voices and even helping on animation.  He works all over on this new series and is one of the guys we have to thank for all those awesome nods to the original TMNT properties.  This is the third time I’ve had the honor to sit down and interview him for his work on the current TMNT series. 

It’s always an honor getting to chat with Ciro about the new series!  I first met Ciro in 2011 when he sat in on my interview with Greg Cipes, and found myself inspired to see the new TMNT series just by talking to him.  We talked about the property over all, and how much of a fan he is of the series too.  The show is in good hands.  Season 2 has started since this interview was done, and has been a fun ride so far. 

What do you think of the new series?  Do you have questions you would like to hear Ciro answer on the next interview?  Please let us know! 

Ciro Nieli
Michele Ivey
Miki Ivey
Nickelodeon, Burbank, CA
“Pink Day” by Voranski


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Leatherhead's picture

This show could not be in better hands than with Ciro and his crew. :)