CCN: IDW Interview with Bobby Curnow

Bobby Curnow is the chief editor of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics at IDW Publishing.  He handles the ongoing IDW series, micro series and the Nickelodeon series.  Keeping these stories straight so that we can enjoy them.  As a big fan of the IDW series it was a lot of fun to sit down and talk with Bobby about his work on Ninja Turtles.  Check out this video for a fantastic interview. 

I personally found it really neat to hear about the way the comics work.  Getting artist and writers to bring the characters to life.  Where ideas come from and what’s in store for us.  There is a lot more coming from IDW and with what they’ve already dished out this is only good news for us fans!

Hope everyone enjoyed this interview!

Bobby Curnow
Michele Ivey
Miki Ivey
IDW Publishing
Michele Ivey

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Leatherhead's picture

I'm so happy to hear he's on the radar for the future of the series! I can't wait to see where Bobby and the IDW crew take us next!