CCN: Interview Dario TMNT Artist

Through Ninja Turtle history there has been a lot of artist who have touched the TMNT Comic Books, between Mirage, Archie, Image, Dreamwave and now IDW.  Turtle fans have had the honor to see the art styles of many different people.  One of those people is Dario Brizuela who was an artist on the Tales of TMNT Volume 2 by Mirage Studios, and could very well be an artist for one of the new IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic series.  Here we talk to Dario about the possible chance of him working on IDW’s newest Turtle series which has not come out yet.

We met up with Dario at New York City Comic Con, thanks to Tokka who pointed out his booth to me and introduced us.  Dario and I talked a little bit as I bought a print and an original artwork piece.  After talking for a bit I asked to do this interview.  It’s short, but was really good to get this chance to talk with Dario.


Host: Michele Ivey
Guest: Dario Brizuela
Camera: Miki Ivey
Music: “Pink Day” by Voranski
Intro: Phoenix
Editing: Michele Ivey
Special Thanks: Tokka
Location: New York City Comic Con 2012

Sponsor: - Celebrating Voice Actors and the Craft of Voice Over

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I think that IDW should give this guy as much money as they can and have him do the book art from pencils to color... his work is really great.