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This summer some of the news that was released was the new designer Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Merchandise line coming out.  With watches, shoes, and shirts are some of the things we’ll be seeing for TMNT.  This is bringing out new styles of art that we have yet to see on the official side of store sales.  One of the artist who did some of these pieces is Ron English.  At San Diego Comic Con International a lot of us fans saw some of Ron’s artwork get released to the public on shirts, which was a promotion for the Ninja Turtle watches that he designed. At New York City Comic Con we were able to catch up with Ron to ask him about

A good friends and fellow Ninja Turtle fan Tokka, joins me as the co-host in this interview.  Tokka is a fan of Ron English, so he knew a lot of areas that I did not know about with Ron’s work.  It was great to have Tokka on the show.  A lot of fans may know him for his posts on Go Green Machine, Twitter, Facebook and so many other places on the internet.  Tokka is an artist, who was even published by Mirage as one of the pin up pages in Tales of TMNT Volume 2.

Tokka and I talk to Ron about his history in art, how he originally learned of Ninja Turtles, and how he is now involved in the future of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We also talk a bit on how the fans of the Classic TMNT are reacting to this new swing with the Turtles.

A little note with the editing on this video.  I tried some new stuff with it, though with how slow my computer does run during editing I do not really get a good proof watch of any of these videos before saving them.  These all take a lot of time, so this one has some areas that when I watched after saving seemed jumpy.  I don’t think it distracts too much from the footage, but I do want to say that I may test things from time to time.  When I can upgrade my computer I believe things will move a lot smoother through my editing.  Phoenix is the real star in editing here on Cowabunga Corner.


Host: Michele Ivey & Tokka
Guest: Ron English
Camera: Miki Ivey
Music: “Pink Day” by Voranski
Intro: Phoenix
Editing: Michele Ivey
Location: New York City Comic Con 2012

Sponsor: - Celebrating Voice Actors and the Craft of Voice Over

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