CCN: Interview Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell is an artist who has worked on both the Mirage Comics and IDW series.  He did cover work for the Mirage “Raphael: Bad Moon Rising” issues.  Was almost the lead artist for the Dark Horse TMNT comics that did not happen, and has done work for IDW on the newest incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with doing the art for the Micro TMNT series issue 4: Leonardo and a cover for issue 16 of the ongoing series.  Ross is a great guy and was kind enough to talk with me at New York City Comic Con 2012.

In this interview we learn about Ross’s inspirations, how he got on with Mirage, about the hopes of Dark Horse and how he was almost the artist for the Donatello issue from the Micro Series.  Check it out here!


Host: Michele Ivey

Guest: Ross Campbell

Camera: Miki Ivey and Tokka

Editing: Michele Ivey

Intro: Phoenix

Location: New York City Comic Con 2012

Sponsor: - Celebrating Voice Actors and the Craft of Voice Over

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