Comic Con International 2014: TMNT Movie Panel


Hall H is a huge room at San Diego Comic Con.  A room that is known for how hard it truly is to get into.  All the big movies that come to Comic Con host their panel in Hall H.  It use to be like any other panel room, where a few would stay overnight for it what was going on in that room, then others could come in the following morning.  This changed in 2009 with the Twilight fans.  Now people line up early the day before, for panels the following day.  I’ve had to get into that line as early as 1pm for a 10am panel before.  Making this the longest convention line I’ve ever waited in.  Once I learned Paramount was doing a panel in Hall H, I planned to sleep in the line.  Here is my coverage for the TMNT 2014 Movie panel.

We arrived Wednesday night, I brought stuff to sleep knowing that this was going to be our place for the night.  Tokka, Fugitoid and Miki was with me.  This was their first time doing the overnight stay at Comic Con.  I was surprised to see how short the line was, usually by this time the first 3 to 4 tents of the line would be filled up, but they were only into the second one.  We made camp, which was sadly not under one of the protective tents.  By morning everything was wet, this is the first time I’ve gone through it where we got so wet.  I was lucky to be in a sleeping bag, but my pillow, backpacks and everything our group with got wet from not being under the protective tent.   Though the biggest surprise of the morning was that the line was still short! 

They got us up and into the areas where they let the line file in.  More people finally started to show up, but not enough to fill up the Hall H room.  When we got in, we were able to sit near the front section.  Really surprising how many seats were open.  I’ve never seen Hall H like this before, wish it was normally like this so we could’ve slept in our hotel room instead of on the wet grass.  We sat through a handful of panels, with each panel people left.  I finally got myself center, 3 or 4th row back.  Really good seats and the panel started.

They showed two video clips.  I left in the video that they’re telling us that no video recording is allowed during the footage.  We kept to this rule.  Last year some footage got out of one of the BBC panels and because of this they did not come to Comic Con this year.  Please if you go to these conventions follow their rules so no to ruin it for the future events.  Now that the movie is out I can at least explain the clips.  One was where April heads into the sewers and follows the Turtles up to the rooftop.   The second clip was the mountain chase scene.  At the time it was the most anyone saw from the film, so we were excited with the footage.

I asked a question that some people felt was confirmed long before.  I asked about the voices being replaced for Leonardo and Splinter.  The reason I asked this was because the week that the news was released was April Fools.  We already had April Fools jokes being spread about the movie being pushed back again.  I personally did not see any interviews with official from the movie saying that this was real.  I saw bloggers post about it.  And until I heard it from someone official, I wasn’t going to believe it.  I know it was on IMDB, though that website can be edited by anyone.  I do wish that asked the question a little different, adding “If yes, why were they replaced?”  Oh well it was fun, and they gave everyone who asked a question a TMNT movie shirt which was cool.

Other than the two movie clips the rest of this panel can be found in the video I shared here.  Hope everyone enjoys!  It is a short panel, as the studio had other movies to promote.  I would’ve loved a full panel for the TMNT movie.

Did you make it to the TMNT Movie panel at Comic Con International?  If yes did you stay overnight or show up the day of the panel?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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