Comic Con International: Dealer Room

Comic Con International is now officially started.  People are packing in for their panels, the dealer floor is too packed to move and people are dressed up in cosplay all around.  At most conventions Thursday would be seen as a slow day, but this is not like most Conventions.  This is one of the biggest conventions in the United States.  Though is the star names that hang in the panel room the real attraction or is there other things offered for that high ticket price?  The Dealer room is way more than your normal dealer room.

The San Diego Convention Center is made up of eight big halls.  Hall H is used as the biggest panel room of the convention.  Though Halls A, B, C, D, E, F and G are all a big open space for dealers, studios, publishers, and artist alley to display their best for the floor.  The studios don’t get a tiny booth space and say come see our movie, they get a large booth space with big banners and statues.  They give away bags, buttons, stickers and more.  Basically screaming “This movie is for you!”.  There’s booths where you get to see movie props, others where they have autograph sessions right at the booth, and some where they’re selling an item that can only be found at Comic Con.

If you are going to Comic Con for the first time this massive dealer room can look scarey.  As it feels like it just keeps going.  People are crowded shoulder to shoulder.  Most of which won’t care if they bump into you.  As everyone seems to have some sort of rush to get from one booth to another.  It’s important to study the map before going into the convention just to know where you want to go.  The smartest way to get on the floor is by going into the door next to your preferred booth. 

For me my main booths usually go out towards Heavy Metal to see Kevin Eastman.  Nickelodeon to see what awesome stuff they have for TMNT fans each year.  IDW with all the awesome TMNT stuff they’ve been doing.  LEGO, since last year we had a very cool TMNT LEGO display.  Varner Studios to see which TMNT toy sculpts are on display.  And then I make my way around to see everyone else that looks interesting.  By having my goal booths known, I use these as meeting points with friends.  If my RSD kicks in and I’m alone, I can stay at one of these booths and someone I know will come along at some point.  It’s a good plan to have main meeting points like that in an event this huge.

Getting into the dealer room.  The line to come into the convention center that is not the Hall H line, is usually heading into the dealer room.  It’s a long line, but it gets in fast.  I recommend getting there a few hours before opening, and get to know fellow convention attendees.  That way you can get into the convention a little faster.  Once inside, if you don’t have a goal point just take your time and enjoy the great efforts all these people go through to make Comic Con the show that it has become.

If you’re after exclusive toys.  Good luck.  Seriously, good luck.  Some booths have it so you need to go upstairs to get a ticket for the toy first, then go down and get into the line at the booth.  Other booths have you come straight to their lines.  Make sure you know everything you need to know about your exclusive item before going, just to be ready.  At this point I recommend staying overnight in line, otherwise there’s a high chance that you will miss out on your dream toy. 

Personally the dealer room is not my favorite part of Comic Con as everything I usually want to do is so spaced apart from each other.  With RSD a crowd like this, causes fear and pain.  I will hang out in the panel rooms a lot.  Or camp at a booth when I get to one I like for awhile, just out of fear of traveling to the next one.  Some people get a thrill out of this massive crowd.  I just find smaller conventions much more relaxing and fun.

Have you ever been to the Comic Con International Dealer room?  Do you have stories to share of the crowd?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.   

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