Comic Con International: Hall H

Comic Con International is here.  This week thousands of people will be traveling into San Diego, California for one of the biggest events in the United States.  With comic artist and writers, tv show producers, directors and actors and movie stars.  This event brings the city of San Diego into a full swinging party.  And we’ll like to do some Comic Con International stories for everyone to share the hype of the event.  What makes Comic Con International different from any other Comic Con?  One of the big differences is Hall H.

Comic Con International is Huge!  This event has a very large floor and the panel rooms are amazing at the size alone of how many people fit into them.  The biggest shock there is that even with a room like Hall H that can hold up to 6,500 attendees, it is still not big enough for the amount of attendees that want into the room.  While it’s normal to see people line up early at any event to get in, it’s not normal to see them lining up with their sleeping bags and pillows.  This is a normal sight at Comic Con International.  There’ll be a handful of lines around the building, but none more well known and longer than that to get into Hall H.  Where people can line up as early as noon the day before just to get into one panel room.

The Hall H line is becoming a thing at Comic Con that people go to take part in, just to say they did.  As everyone camps out overnight, it’s like one huge party.  The party ends around 5am, when the convention security starts to wake everyone up to move forward and fill in the gap.  Once the line looks like a normal line with all gaps filled in, security will make their way through line again and force people to move even closer to each other.  By about 7:30am the line is packed in like a can of sardines.  Everyone standing upon each other, getting really friendly with the strangers around you.  This is where everyone stands till about an hour or half hour before panel time getting let into the panel room. 

If you’re near the front of the line, this is when the mad dash happens.  People get inside and right away rush towards the front of this giant room.  The security inside try to control the crowd from just spreading out.  As the front of the room fill up, there’s sections where you can’t even see the stage and can only watch the big screens that show what’s going on up front.  Inside this huge panel room it has it’s own bathrooms and food stand.  So people do not even need to go into the rest of the convention. 

History of Comic Con has been made in this one room.  From fans screaming so loud that they hurt the ears of those around them, and could not even hear an entire panel.  To a man getting so mad that he stabbed someone with a pencil over a seat.  And my own sister had her ankle swept from under her as someone wanted the seat she was heading too.  When people speak of Hall H, they speak of the long lines and how hard it is to see the stage. 

With all of this talk of the hardships of Hall H, what is so strong that brings people to gather into this room?  The panels are normally those from the top Movie companies from Fox, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Disney and more.  They bring in the movie stars, producers, and directors to talk about the upcoming films and share footage with the crowd.  There’s the chance to be a lucky person to make it through the line to ask a question to your favorite actor.  And sometimes, if a TV show has a big enough following they will put those shows into Hall H.  From Supernatural to Dr. Who.  Making this the must go to panel room for anyone who loves the scoop on the media giants out there.

One of the best things that’s done is that guest will come and crash the Hall H line.  You can meet movie stars who just come to see people who are sleeping over night for their panel.  From Twlight to Lord of the Rings, they go through do photos and autographs.  This is truly the best part of staying in the Hall H line.

From my personal experience of Hall H, I don’t mind the over night line.  The camping with thousands of other fans is a neat thing to do, though the 5am wake up call is a bit much on the fans.  Who are already having it rough by being outside all night for this event.  Most panel rooms allow for some real interaction after or before the panels with the guests.  This panel does not, the guest are brought in and leave through the back stage.  You might as well watch the panel on youtube, if you don’t mind not seeing the special footage. 

I only go to Hall H if there’s something I must go to.  Be it TMNT or Supernatural.  Those will get me to wait in that line, instead of being in a nice comfy hotel room bed.  Hall H is the only panel room I know like this at all of the events I go too.  I hear that Ball Room 20 is about the same, but for that panel room you line up with the people who are just going into the convention since it’s a second floor panel room which holds a lot less people.

Have you ever attended Comic Con International?  If yes, have you slept in the Hall H line? Were you there for any of the major events that people talk about to this very day?  Please share your reviews, comments and questions about Hall H here!

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