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Throughout my time as a Ninja Turtles fan, I’ve been going to comic shops.  Even when I’m out of state if I see one and my interest is peaked I will check it out.  I enjoy going in and talking with the people who work at these shops and am always looking to make new friends.  It’s great when you can make friends with a shop that is local, which is what happened for me this last year.

It was Free Comic Book day when I first went to “Comics and More”.  I found the people there very friendly, so I returned about a month later and have since made this my main stop for my comic books.  The store owner, Chris, runs the shop and is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in the business.  He’s always happy to see people and it’s always a pleasure to do business with him.

The shop has toys, comics, posters and more.  He carries all the new IDW TMNT Comics and sometimes picks up odds and ins of Ninja Turtle stuff.  This is the first local comic book store where I will stop by just to see how things are going even if there’s no new TMNT books on the shelves.  And the best part is the store is close to home and on a stretch of road that I use throughout the week for shopping.  So overall it’s been a great find for me.

Though the reason I am writing about “Comics & More” is to help out Turtle fans who can not find a local Comic Book shop.  Comics & More is willing to do mail orders, even for international fans!  This is a great way of helping out a good shop and helping Turtle fans find what they’re looking for.   If you’re one of those fans out there that’s looking for a means of getting these comics, look no further.

To learn more about “Comics & More,” check out their weekly comic video blog, and follow their Facebook page!   Here’s the URL:

Have you ever done business with “Comics & More”?  If so, please give feedback here to let our readers know what you think of the store.

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