Cowabunga Corner #1

I decided to do a video blog to cover a bunch of TMNT stuff and a few other subjects along the way. The first few video blogs will mainly focus on the Ninja Turtles though. This one is my introduction blog, who I am, how I became a fan and what this blog is about.

Hope everyone enjoys. I do ask in the blog for video replies of how the viewers became TMNT fans, please feel free to join in on this and share your story.

Entertainment Earth



My name is Alice Hochhausler, I'm 30 years old from ny but originally from Ohio plus I'm deaf. I started watching TMNT cartoon when I was 5 in 1987, it was 25 years ago and started collect ninja turtles because I was addicted to. My favorite childhood memories are: i used to wear Michelangelo ninja turtle costume when I grew up, ninja turtle cake on my 8th birthday and other more, I can't decide to say but both are fine. Michelangelo is my favorite ninja turtle for 25 years.e