Cowabunga Corner 110: AMC Abby 8 with the Party Turtle

In this episode I share footage from 1991 at a local Movie Theater, the AMC Abby 8.  Growing up this was one of the main movie theaters we would go too.  They did not have the first TMNT movie at this theater, though they did get TMNT 2.  We were brought in as the Party Turtle by a radio station which was holding their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party there, giving away posters, candy, sticker albums and more. 

Q 95.5 was a radio station my dad would do artwork for from time to time.  So I was excited that they hired us to work their Turtle Party.  Of course we can not film much in the theater part, so the filming is mainly in the lobby showing Bebop working the lines.  While I was standing at the door greeting people going into the theater.  We were only hired to work during this party, but we ended up staying all day as the theater invited us to stick around.  I got to watch TMNT 2 three times that day.  It was exciting and a day I remember dearly from when I was a Turtle.

Sadly the AMC Abby closed down as other movie theaters were getting more advance with the better screens and seating areas.  Now stands a Micro Center store in it’s place.  I do miss this theater and will always remember working there as a Turtle.  The staff was always nice, and they had good theaters with small stages in front of the screen. 

Next time on Cowabunga Corner: Interview with Tom Wayland (Jammerhead)

Host & Video: Michele Ivey
Editing: Phoenix & Michele

Old Footage
- Video: Dave Ivey
- Bebop: Bryan Ivey

AMC Abby 8

Weird Review 

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Good Turtle Fan's picture

Miki wasn't in no costume this time.

Leatherhead's picture

That looked like so much fun getting to be a turtle! Interacting with fans, making kids happy, all good stuff!