Cowabunga Corner #13

In this episode I talk about animation cels and original art work for the animation cels. I’ve been collecting animation cels since the early 90′s and thanks to my Friends at Art-Toons I have been very lucky to get my hands on a lot of wonderful cels.

Animation cels is the art work used to make a cartoon, every cel is hand drawn and painted, than placed one after another onto back grounds to make the cartoons we see on TV. This is normally done after the voices are recorded so that they can match the mouth to the voices as they’re drawing the cels.

If you’re a fan of the original cartoon series, it’s really nice to own a piece of the series and that’s what a cel is. You look at it and you can find it in any episode of the original series. So I do highly recommend these for serious and not so serious collectors. They’re easy to find (search ebay) and usually the cost isn’t to bad. They look so cool framed and hanging on your wall. In my room I have 13 animation cels framed and hanging up. I have more hanging in the hall way.

I switch up my animation cels from time to time, to share the other ones that are normally kept away in folders.

Please if you have an animation cel collection feel free to share it here, tell us about it through comments or video blogs!


Music: “Going Blind” by “The Sway”…

Love Cartoons – Call Art-Toons! Since 1990, Art-Toons has offered an awesome selection of AMERICAN & ANIME original animation art (cels, drawings, more), comic art ‘n more! They strive for unique images to fit any budget. Let them help build your art collection!
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