Cowabunga Corner 2018 Update

For a few years now, Cowabunga Corner has been trying to come back to our normal sharing videos and stories.  Though life has been keeping those of us working on Cowabunga Corner so busy that when we think we got a moment things change.  We got some updates to share, that people may be happy about and a little information on what is taking so long to bring Cowabunga Corner all the way back to where we use to be.

First we’ll like to give our promise that for the next year there will be a new video posted every Friday here on Cowabunga Corner.  These are a BBO videos, which stands for Blind Bag/Box Opening.  Through the year we’ll cover four different series of toys starting with Hero Clix Classic Limited Edition Series.  Some of these series will have guest co-hosts.  No promises of new toys as these are blind openings.  It’s more about the fun of the search.  You can play along here on Cowabunga Corner by guessing who we will get in the next videos. You can start here now, by using the comment area below to guess who I’ll be opening in my first BBO tomorrow.

I would love to promise more stories here on Cowabunga Corner.  As I have done work here and there.  All of Season 6 has been filmed, waiting to be edited.  I’ve got a stack of toys that need to be filmed for reviews from Mega Blok to Half Shell Heroes.  I’m working on reviews of the character designs for “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.  I never stopped working on or thinking about Cowabunga Corner, it’s just I have to put family first.  And because of this, all I can promise is one video a week for the year.  Other stories will pop up when I get the chance.

What do I mean Family first? Anyone who’s been following my Facebook, knows that my family has been going through a roller coast of adventures.  Trying to get into a spot of being settled has been a challenge.  Last year in an attempt to try and make things easier for the family I bought a house told that it had new eletrictical and was from 1930.  The house is from 1876 and the electrical is from 1930.  This has turned into my full time project, trying to help the family get the house finished so we can move into there.

What comes with a new house?  All new sets for Cowabunga Corner!  I’ll be getting a lot more space to film in, including my own kitchen, living room, bedroom and a new sewer set.  I will be able to start new types of blogs, including ones that will take place in a TMNT themed kitchen with TMNT themed food!  Much like Season 1 of Cowabunga Corner, I will have more options for backgrounds to match the theme of the videos.  So Cowabunga Corner will get a whole new look and feel!

Good things are coming for Cowabunga Corner, starting now with the BBO weekly posts.  I do not know when I’ll be back to work full time on Cowabunga Corner, but I am around.  Anyone looking for more updates on the family and house situation that I’m going through please follow me on Facebook, and keep an eye out for my random Facebook Live videos. 

All comments and questions are welcomed below!   

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