Cowabunga Corner #27


Welcome to Season two of Cowabunga Corner, in this first episode we talk about the Mirage Volume 1 comics, where I lightly touch on a few of my favorite issues and issues that make a big impact in the Volume. This is only the start to a great season full of a lot of new stuff to share. Promises of more guest interviews, more Turtle fans making appearances as well as the things you enjoyed from Season 1 with Reviews and Stories of the past!

We’re also bringing you the “Cowabunga Corner” Website! A site being put together by Phoenix and I. The website will not just cover stories about the Turtles, as it talks about the recent movie and TV show reviews. As well as reviews about events and interviews. Sometimes things upon the site will be up leading to something that will be appearing here on the youtube channel. So check it out and let us know what you think, there is areas where you can comment right on the website about each of the stories.

Highlight for TMNT fans on the website right now: An interview with Eric Anzalone, best known as the Biker in the Village People. Though we’re talking to him about his days with the Ninja Turtles!
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Edited by: Phoenix

Song: “Sense” by Tenpenny Joke

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