Cowabunga Corner #30


In this episode I’m talking with Michael McConnohie, the voice of Tatsu from TMNT 1 & 2.

In 2008 I went to a convention in Ohio called “A&G Ohio” This convention had Michael McConnohie as a guest. Michael put on a handful of panels and did autographs. Even though this was before Cowabunga Corner was started, I was able to sit down with Michael for an interview Sunday of the convention.

I didn’t have much of a voice, I’m really good at loosing my voice at events like conventions. This event my voice was already gone on Friday, so Sunday I didn’t have much to work with. So I”m really sorry if anyone has a hard time understanding me in this video.

Here the interview that we did. Hope everyone enjoys!

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For a personal review of A&G Ohio that I wrote back in 2008, please go to:,3250.html

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