Cowabunga Corner on Facebook!

A few months ago, Cowabunga Corner put together a fan page on Facebook.  This page has been going over really well with updates throughout the day, about the upcoming episodes of Cowabunga Corner, sharing photos of my past with fellow fans and TMNT Guests.  We always have a lot of fun stuff to share and we’d like our readers to know about the different areas where they can find our stuff.

The Cowabunga Corner Facebook page is maintained by Phoenix and myself.  I personally try to do an update every 2 to 3 hours for the page, when I am home and have the time to do this.  I update information about how the weeks episode of Cowabunga Corner is doing each morning with the view count, and in the evening I quote one comment from the blog as well. So for those who don’t have time to check out the comment section each day and are curious about what people are saying, they will have away to check it out.  This page is also updated every time a new episode is uploaded.  Overall, it’s a good way to keep up with Cowabunga Corner episodes.

As a bonus to those who are watching the fan page, we also upload photos.  With a handful of different folders for the photos at this time, from guest who’s been on Cowabunga Corner where we also post their interview episode information for people interested in finding out more about that guest, fans who’s been on Cowabunga Corner, and TMNT guest that I’ve met through my history.  I have been going to Ninja Turtle events since 1990 and have a lot of photos to share from the years of being a fan.  Though the folder I’m really happy to be sharing is that of pictures where I’m with fellow Turtle fans at meet ups.  The best thing about being a fan, is hanging out with other fans to share what we enjoy.  Every fan deserves credit for what they’ve done in the fandom and I’m hoping to bring fellow fans forward, for others to get the chance to know.

The Facebook fan page is also used to share when we update stories here on the website and when things are updated on our MySpace page.  Every story written is posted there, so people can stay up to date on our latest updates, from interviews, reviews to reports.

We highly encourage fellow TMNT fans to join in and give us feedback on the Facebook page as well.  We have a discussion area where people can talk about certain episodes, or people can post their comments or questions straight to the wall of the page.  We try to keep up with replying to any comment that does require a reply, as we do read everything posted there.

Cowabunga Corner is hoping to have something for each of our viewers, and we do feel that the Facebook fan page is a nice touch for anyone who wants to be interactive with us and keep up to date with everything we have to offer.   As always each of our pages are important, so we will be keeping up with our twitter, YouTube, and comment sections here on the website.  It is the feedback from our viewers that has helped keep Cowabunga Corner around this long.

If you’re interested in taking part in the Facebook fan page please do follow this link and click the like button.  We hope to see you there!


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Hi Michele, just wanted to tell you how nice I think your web site is. I hope all is well with you and the rest of the family. Keep up the good work. Take care for now... Dave