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Welcome to our Second Cowabunga Corner News Spot! In this episode we talk about the 2012 TMNT series with the voice of Michelangelo, Greg Cipes and the man behind the series, Ciro Nieli.

With a lot of hopes about the series it's nice to hear some stuff from the people working on the show. We talk about how Greg got the role of Michelangelo and how much the Ninja Turtles are a part of his personal history. Greg shares his feeling of the over all feel for the new TMNT series and how excited he is to be a part of it.

Ciro joins us in the middle of the interview with a few words about how he got into working on the series. We talk about the process of choosing the voice actors for the series and where the idea of the Turtles having three toes came from.

It was great for both Greg and Ciro to take this time to talk with us. I personally am excited about the series. Waiting for the event at San D con to get a look at this for my first time. We will keep reporting about the new series as the news comes out.

Watch for our written stories on as well as any more interviews we may get to help keep the excitement alive through the year! This is the beginning of a true TMNT party for all of us fans!

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Greg Cipes
Ciro Nieli

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