Cowabunga Corner Promo Cards!

Cowabunga Corner is very happy to say that things have been going very well for Season 3 and we have a lot to share with our viewers.  To thank our viewers we’ve decided to add a gift to the first 30 people who order the Cowabunga Corner T-Shirt.  Each person will recieve our Cowabunga Corner Promo Card autographed by guests from TMNT History!

These promo cards were designed by me, as I used a photo from a cross country trip that my sister and I did back in 2009.  We went to each of the stops that the TMNT Anniversary bus went to, where I would talk with fellow TMNT fans, get photos and enjoy the event over all.  It was a fun trip with a lot of great memories.  I used this photo because it reminded me a little of what Cowabunga Corner does, we follow TMNT stories.  We get the news and put it up here for everyone to see.

Though I realized that we don’t just follow TMNT news, we share stories and memories.  This is when I came up with the saying on the card.  “Cowabunga Corner, Following TMNT stories, new and old”.

The cards are divided into sets now.  Each set has different autographs on them trying to keep certain groups together.  As we’re not ready to share all of the names of the great people who’ve taken the time out for Cowabunga Corner, we can say that we have people from the original movies, the original cartoon and yes even the new Nickelodeon Series.  Not everyone has signed each card as some guests signed 5 while others signed 10.  The promise we have is there are 30 cards, with autographs waiting to find a good home in the hands of TMNT fans out there.

Cowabunga Corner T-Shirts can be ordered here.

One autograph card per a person.  Supplies are limited to only 30.  The cards will not be sold as they are promotional.  The only way to get one of these cards is to order the Cowabunga Corner Shirt.  Cards will be mailed with the shirt.  All autographed are real, photos will be supplied of some of the cards being signed though every guest who signed cards will appear on Cowabunga Corner.  Autograph cards are first come first serve.  If you already ordered a Cowabunga Corner T-Shirt you will be one of the people to get one of the promotional cards.

Thanks everyone who’s taking part in helping keep Cowabunga Corner going strong!

Season 3 of Cowabunga Corner starting in September 2012!

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