Cowabunga Corner: Taking a Break

Truly sorry for the lack of stories.  I’m behind in event reviews, panel postings, comic reviews and so much more.  I have interviews sitting on deck waiting to be edited and posted.  Product review ready to be edited and posted and so much more.  There is by no means a lack of things to work with for posting here.  Though there is real life and time that is getting in my way.  So for at least another week or two Cowabunga Corner may be slow.  Read on to learn more.

I try to keep ahead of myself so if things happen I can go a week or so without writing.  Though on this trip to California things kept happening.  Bad and Good… life has been harder than normal.  The west coast trips that we do yearly to get our interviews for Cowabunga Corner and cover events such as Comic Con International, is usually just Miki and I.  Miki is not just my sister, she does work for Cowabunga Corner.  Miki is an artist, camera person, and setup.  On most of the interviews it is Miki telling us where to sit, how to face and choosing our backgrounds.  She is a big part of Cowabunga Corner and I am very thankful to have her with me on these trips.  This trip to Los Angeles though has been personally hard on her. 

The trip started off busy, going out everyday, coming back and trying to write stories for Cowabunga Corner in the evenings.  Editing videos on a computer that is trying very hard to die on me.  And waking up early the following morning to head out for one activity or another.  Gathering video footage with Greg Cipes and Robbie Rist which has yet to be edited.  Getting interviews at places like IDW, Playmates Toys and Nickelodeon.  And of course the footage from Power Con.  While work seems to be our main reason for out here, on the weekends we tend to do things for fun such as going to the beach.  We found a beach this year that not even our friend Cynlee has been to before, Seal Beach.  We all liked our first visit there, and decided to go back which is when the bad really started.

Our second visit to Seal Beach, we learned an important lesson about the beach.  Miki was standing out in the waves, getting use to the temperature of the water.  We just got there, and had our boogie boards ready to enjoy the day.  Though as she was standing there a wave brought something pass her leg, it was a sting ray.  The sting ray stung the side of her foot, right in the soft spot… she first felt the pinch of the sting.  The real pain came when she pulled her foot away which yanged the stinger right out of her Foot.  We got to the beach and the lifeguards took her to the first aid where they had her keep her foot in boiling hot water to draw the poison out.  We learned that Seal Beach is the #1 spot for Sting Rays in the United States!   As Miki was the 7th person brought back that day, and it was still morning.  There was one other man still sitting there when she was brought in, and a young boy was brought in shortly before she was done.  With a sore Foot, she started to go on with the trip.

A few weeks later Cynlee and the rest of us decided to try Seal Beach again, with the goal to avoid the areas where there was no people.  Just finding that safety in numbers is very true in this case.  This visit was uneventful, just a relaxing and fun day at the beach.  Because of my RSD, I can only do one day a week with something as active as the beach.  My full arm and back is in pain for a few days after going out and enjoying myself.  It’s a price I know about, and I’m willing to pay just to remember what it’s like to live.  I went seven years without being able to go at all, I can put up with a few days down after swimming.  Though when they mentioned going back to Seal Beach the following day, I decided to stay behind.  With the goal to work on editing video footage.  Little did I know that the day I decided to stay behind was going to cause some big changes.

It was hours after they left, I’ve cleaned up a bit.  Got some interviews being edited.  Talked with some friends on the phone and found myself enjoying some down time at the house by myself.  The first time in months.  When I saw that Cynlee was calling me, the first thought on my head was that they were most likely going to tell me to find my own dinner.  Answering the phone only to realize bad things happened.  Miki was injured at the beach, a wave picked her up and slammed her face first into the ground and she was in the emergency room.  Cynlee tried to comfort me that she was going to be okay, though needed clean clothes brought to the hospital. 

When I arrived I found Miki was really banged up.  Her nose and teeth were broken, she fractured her face and damaged her neck.  This became a time where writing online really took a back seat.  The stories I had lined up to help fill in space during my driving time and just keeping busy started to be used as the normal stories.  Some how I managed to still get some work done, though found myself trying to be there for Miki more than anything else.  Once Power Con hit, the tired feelings of pushing too hard also hit. Getting my energy back up to speed has not been an easy task for me, with all that’s been going on.

On top of everything else, Miki’s IPAD was stolen last week.  This was her portfolio.   With the help of many wonderful friends from Facebook, we were able to raise up enough to get Miki a whole new IPAD.  Though the stress is still here that this even happened at one of our favorite places to go.  She lost some files that we’re hoping to recover.  Thankfully most of her stuff was backed up on the ICLOUD.   Personally though, the pull of all of this stress has taken the writing right out of me.

Yes I have been reading the new TMNT Comics.  Yes I am still going to review every single one of them for Cowabunga Corner.  Yes I am collecting new toys and merch to review.  Yes I am thinking about new stories for Cowabunga Corner all the time.  Though starting today, I am back on the road heading East.  I will get one day home, before I head to New York City for New York City Comic Con.  I will be on the road for a week, with no plans of a break during that time.  Then I’ll be coming back to Michigan for two conventions, before heading down to Kentucky for a few weeks.  For the next month, I will be running a lot.  I do promise to try and get some stories in during this time.

I am sorry for falling behind.  If anyone wants to help and write stories to be posted here on Cowabunga Corner please contact us through the contact us page.  All stories are to be approved by both Phoenix and I before they are posted.  We enjoy hearing from other fans.

I’ll like to give a big shout out to LH saying “THANK YOU” for all the work you’ve been doing on the Facebook Cowabunga Corner page.   And Thank you to all of our friends who keep up with Cowabunga Corner.  

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Donatello19's picture

We all needs breaks every now and then. I say you should take a good long break so that Cowabunga Corner could have quality over quantity. One question though, are you going to tell us who won the R.C. Shellraiser?

Leatherhead's picture

Take all the time you need to rest. With NYCC coming up and a long trip ahead of you, you deserve some time to clear your thoughts.

jrrollins84's picture

I'm sorry to hear all the great problems you have been getting this year. If you have to, talk a brake until next year, because thats when the 30th Anniversary will be happening. Also, don't forget to review the LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History, it has Don on the cover & one full page just about the Turtles Minifigures. Hope things go well for you soon.

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