D-Lux Entertainment Expo This weekend!

This weekend is DLux Entertainment Expo in Michigan.  A convention that is based around Martial Arts and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Bringing such great guests as Kevin Eastman, Leif Tilden, Ernie Reyes Jr. and Partners in Kryme!  While hosting fun events from a Karate Tournament, Demonstrations, panels, concert and reaching out to break the World Record for the Most people dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  This is going to be a fun filled event for all TMNT fans who can make the show.

The event lists have been reaching out now for the public to see some of the cool things going on for the fandom.  Including panels with awesome folks like Ernie Reyes Jr, Leif Tilden, and Greg Berg.  A concert by Partners in Kryme with “TURTLE POWER” being performed live. Autographs will be going on throughout the weekend. 

Cowabunga Corner will be there, including most of the staff from Leatherhead, Miki, Fugitoid, myself and more.  There will be a booth with some of my personal TMNT collection on display from original comic and cartoon art, to movie props and scripts.  I will be at the table to answer questions and talk to people.  On Sunday we will also have a Cowabunga Corner panel 3pm to 4pm.  The panel will be used in future episodes of Cowabunga Corner.

For those who would like to take part in Cowabunga Corner while at the convention.  Let us know, and we will do the five question interview for the Fan Interview episodes.  We’ll be happy to include any TMNT fan who wishes to be take part. 

Events I’ll be taking part in at DLUX expo.  I have three panels I’ll be hosting.  On Friday the “Being Donatello panel” 4pm to 5pm  with Ernie Reyes Jr, Leif Tilden and Greg Berg.  A chance to hear from a stunt double, lead costume actor and a voice actor for Donatello from the classic TMNT movies and original cartoon series.  If you’re a Donatello fan this panel will be for you.  5 to 6pm is the TMNT Panel.  A discussion of the history and success with TMNT guests.

Now for the one subject I’ve been debating about since this event was first brought to me last summer.  Costume.  I love wearing full costumes, and my original plan was to try and build a new costume before the event though with traveling and major health problems within my family building a costume has not been an option.  So for one day only, my Michaelangelo costume will be brought out of retirement to once again try and break this world record.  It will be the first time wearing it since March 17th, 2012 and most likely my last time wearing it as I do hope I have another costume built before the next world record attempt.  I will be in costume during the entire World Record Attempt.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone who is coming to Dlux Entertainment Expo.  If you have any questions about the event please refer to their website.  If you have questions about the Cowabunga Corner crew, booth and panel please feel free to ask us.  Let us know if you’re going below in our comment section! 

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