DVD Review: Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3Fresh on DVD is the third part of Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story movies.  Toy Story started back in 1995, and became an instant hit.  A fun original movie about toys, facing the dangers that enter their life and getting use to a new toy in the group.  An adventure that anyone could enjoy. Though when Toy Story 2 rolled around, fans were wary of the idea of a sequel to the CGI movie that they all enjoyed.  To our surprise Toy Story 2 was just as good as the first, facing another issue that toys have to deal with, being “in or out of package”.  Well written, the characters stayed true to the first movie.  The movie crew some how pulled it off.   Though could they do it again with a third movie?  Early this year Toy Story 3 came to theaters, and just this last week it was released on DVD.

Toy Story 3 is about the toys dealing with their latest threat to remaining together, as they boy they all belong to through each of the movies, Andy, is growing up and going to College.  He goes to place the toys in the attic in a trash bag, but a mistake happens and they are thrown away.  The toys rebel by moving into a charity box where they are brought to a Day Care center.  At first this looks like the perfect answer for the toys, as they will be played with again. Though the Day Care is ran by a toy with no good intentions.  Andy’s toys realize the mistake they made and want to get home.

This movie was once again well done, as the lead characters Woody and Buzz, each have their own problems to handle in these changes and choices to be made.  Woody trying to stay true to Andy throughout the movie, as he is the toy chosen to go with Andy to College, has to realize that if he goes to College he will be split up from his friends and not played with.  Buzz has to help lead the others to a place where they will not be forgotten, though is reminded how much Andy means to them so wants to help his fellow toys get home.

The bad guys in this movie is the toys that get to hang out with the older children at the Day Care, led by a doll bear named Lotso.  Lotso was a lost toy who found his way home, only to see that he was replaced.  This turned Lotso evil in thinking that children do not really care for their toys.  Once he got to the Day Care he came up with new rules and took over the day care toys.  New toys are for the Toddlers to play with and destroy, once they’ve earned their time they can be taken in with the older toys, if they survive the Toddlers.  He has a cold heart and does not like anyone standing up to him, though he knows how to pretend to be good.  This toy gets our group of heroes into a lot of problems through the movie.

The DVD made its way to stores on November 2nd, 2010 and I found myself picking up the 2-Disk Blu-Ray + DVD _ Digital copy set of the movie. This set has a lot of features which I do not have access to yet, but hopefully will once I get a blu-ray player.

For those of you with Blu-ray you get a two disk set. Disk 1 has the movie, the theatrical Short “Day & Night” and Buzz Lightyear Mission Logs: The Science of Adventure. On Disk 2 you have Toy Story Trivia Dash : an interactive game, Cine-Explore with Director Lee Unkrich & Producer Daria Anderson, Beginnings : Setting a story in motion, Bonnie’s Playtime: A story roundtable with Director Lee Unkrich, Roundin Up : A western opening, Beyond the Toy box: An Alternative Commentary Track, Path to Pixar: Editorial, 3 Studio Stories, Plus Much More. Sadly until I get a Blu-Ray Player I can not review how these play out.

Like normal when you put in a Disney DVD it goes into ads for other other stuff, already out or still coming out. This one has an ad for Disney Blu-ray, “Tangled”, “Santa Buddies”, “Bambie” restored, and “Cars 2″.

For Bonus Features on the DVD we have Theatrical Short “Day & Night”, Filmmakers Commentary, Buzz Lightyear Mission Logs: The Science of Adventure, Paths to Pixar : Editorial, Studio Stories: “Where’s Gordon?” “Cereal Bar” and “Clean Start”, Toys, The Gang’s all here, A Toy’s Eye view: Creating a Whole New Land, and Learn how to take your Favorite Movies on the Go. Already see a few not listed here that is on the Blu-ray list of features.

“The Gang’s all here” is with the voice cast from Toy Story starting off with Tom Hanks. They show that the cast from the original movies is brought back than introduce us to the new voices that are brought in for the new toys in Toy Story 3. They talk about why they had to recast Slinky Dog in the movie. Next they bring up how they brought back the original voice of Andy! Overall, the feature for the voices turned out really well done and worth the watch.

“Where’s Gordon?” starts off being narrated by Andrew Gordon, about moving into a new building for Pixar… where he found a secret spot connected to his office and turned it into his own little hang out. And when it was found out about, instead of getting in trouble for this people would come to hang out. It’s a fun little feature to learn about what’s going on in Pixar.

“Toys” is about the Toys in Toy Story 3, the differences they had to do for this movie and bringing up the original programs and comparing to what they got now. They had to redesign the programs to match into the newer knowledge they have now. Then they go into the designing of the new toys in the movie. Over all an interesting feature to see how well they go into detail for these movies.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed everything I have watched on the DVD and can not wait to get a Blu-ray player. One more feature that the Blu-ray has that has gotten me excited is 3D! That’s right, The Blue Ray has it so Toy Story 3 will be in 3D if you have one of those new 3D TVs! Something I would love to see, if only to see how well it’s done.

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