The end of the TMNT 30th Anniversary Party

Christmas is over for 2014, which brings us to the countdown of the days to end the year.  Ones begin to reflect back upon the events of the year.  The good, the bad and the relaxing times.  Each of us out there celebrating one thing or another, as we hold close whatever is dear in our hearts.  Some of us will miss 2014, while others pray for a better new year.  For TMNT fans, this new year brings forth the end of the 30th anniversary celebration.  This is a short look back at the things done for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles turning 30.

2014 was filled with events across the Country, most fans could not make it to all while some fans made it to a few.  People who had no idea that the Turtles were around this long, would stumble into these open events and get a brief history lesson.  There was one thing for sure about 2014, we made an impact on the world around us.

Starting with Toy Fair where there was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just about everywhere you turned.  From toys, candy, costumes, and more.  Each booth had something new and exciting.  So much so, that not all of our interviews ever made it up because I was so full of things I needed to finish this year.  We will try to share the others when we can.  Playmates Toys, Sakar Entertainment, Funko, and many others were displaying their Turtles with Pride.

That following weekend was a fan funded event, Jared’s Epic Party.  With so much cool Turtle stuff as far as eyes could see.  From games, pizza, to live performances from “Partners in Kryme” to Vanilla Ice.  So many fans in one place at one time, it was a fantastic party.  Really worth the trip to Dallas.  A weekend I will not soon forget.

Next came the D-Lux Entertainment Expo where we had many Ninja Turtle guests from Kevin Eastman to Ernie Reyes Jr.  Cowabunga Corner put up a rare display of movie props, toys, and original art to share with any fan who stopped at our booth.  There was live music, a Karate Tournament, and a very cool Ninja Turtle costume made of balloons!  While the turnout was not what we were hoping for, the fun of hanging with fellow fans made this a trip one should not have missed. 

Michigan was not done with the TMNT Love, as Midwest Media Expo brought me in as a guest to talk Turtles with their attendees.  Andre from Black Nerd Comedy brought laughter to the panel as we both shared our passion for the Turtles.  We covered all 30 years of Turtles in this panel.

There was no time to breath between this event and the next, as I had to leave right away to reach New Hampshire for Free Comic Book Day, as Eastman and Laird  reunite for the first time in a very long time for autograph session.  Fans lined up down the street for a chance to see the two creators together for the Ninja Turtles Birthday weekend.  One day would have been cool, though the next day Eastman and Laird went to Shell Back Artwork in Wells, Maine.  The line to get in was hours long, with plenty of time to hang out with the fans around.  See the cool stuff in the store.  And even get a TMNT 30th Anniversary shirt.  A treat for any fan who could come.

This was only the beginning of the year, as the days went by many more jumped in.  Nickelodeon Resorts hosting a summer of Turtles, and Nickelodeon Universe made sure the green team was back in the spotlight there as well.   Art Gallery across the United States held Ninja Turtle shows from New York, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles.  You could not turn around without another TMNT event being announced. 

San Diego Comic Con International jumped into the act with more Ninja Turtle panels than I’ve ever seen there.  The Movie, Documentary, Toys, Cartoons and 30th Anniversary.  Guests like Kevin Eastman, Rob Paulsen, Townsend Coleman, Nick Palma, Ciro Nieli and so many more.  Truly a weekend for any TMNT fan to just dream of.  The biggest challenge was picking and choosing the events to go too.

The big toppers for the year is that which everyone could join in on.  A new Ninja Turtles movie that was #1 for two weeks.  The Ninja Turtles Documentary which shares the history, so many people did not know.  A very cool history book about the Ninja Turtles which brings everyone through the different versions of the Turtles.  And of course the amazing books from IDW that kept fans sitting on the edge of their seats in new stories, including the first official crossover between the Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles!  Topping these amazing treats off with the very successful Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon going into Season 3.

A year of Ninja Turtle events.  For those who wanted to reach for it, they were out there.  For the fans of TMNT this should be a year in history.  One I wish I could see come yearly for the Turtles, events like this keep the spirit of the fandom alive through all that it touches through personal experiences, the sharing of photos to reviews.  We have a strong fandom, if we could all just stick together.

While this year may come to it’s close, the great things that happened for the Ninja Turtles will remain with us for years to come.

Did you do anything in 2014 for the TMNT 30th Anniversary?  Go to an event?  Write a fanfic?  Join a new TMNT fan group online?  Buy the Documentary?  See the movie in theaters?  Please share your TMNT adventures from 2014 here!

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