The Famous Roio's Pizza - Update

A few months ago we reported about the Famous Ray’s Pizza being closed down when I visited New York City back in October.  It was a sight that really troubled me, as Ray’s was the filming location for Roy’s Pizza in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.  This has been something that has had me worried since we first learned of the doors being closed, with no updates from anyone who lives in New York on if there was any chance of the Ray’s once again serving the best pizza in New York City.  When going back to New York City recently, this was my chance to try and get an update on my favorite pizza place.

It looked grim as I walked down 11th Street towards The Famous Ray’s, while the Newspapers were gone from the window, now there was white paper up blocking our view in.  Over five months since we last saw Ray’s, and their doors are still closed to the public. I noticed the building permits near the back door, and some lady was taking a smoke break out near the building.  I was not sure where she worked, who she was, but one thing was clear this was close to where she’s from so she may know something about what was going on with Ray’s.

I walked up to the lady and asked her if she knew what was going on with The Famous Ray’s.  She told me that the rent increased and they had a lot of things to fix in the building.  Though the doors should be opening back up.  She also pointed out that a hospital closed down, so a lot of the small businesses right in that area has gone out of business.  Though the words that meant the most to me was hearing that they are going to reopen with the same owners.  She’s been trying to convince them to sell more than just pizza.  Though she did not know anything about the name, she did agree with me that the name is being changed since it was cut out of all of the signage.

After talking to the lady, I got my camera out to take pictures, thinking that was the end of the story for this trip.  Then a guy came up to me.  He was Mario DiRienzo, the original owner of “The Famous Ray’s Pizza”.  He was really kind to tell us that they will be opened back up in a few weeks under a new name.  The name of the pizza place is going to be “The Famous Roio’s Pizza”,  Roio is the name of Mario’s home town in Italy.  He said that he wishes he had thought of that name years ago.  He also showed us the new logo that will be going on the sign.

With a new name, the building being fixed up, and doors about ready to open, “The Famous Roio’s Pizza” will be just as great as it ever was, under its original management.  Us Turtle fans can be at ease knowing that it is still the same “Roy’s” that we come to visit, just with a new name.

The one thing I can say is that whenever I visit New York City, I will never eat at a place under the name of “Ray’s Pizza” again.  So much hassle over one name, a name in which Mario had on his building since 1973.  I look forward to having a slice at “The Famous Roio’s Pizza” on my next trip to New York City.

Do you know anything more about this?  Have you eaten at “The Famous Ray’s Pizza” before?  Do you support the other Ray’s?  Please feel to answer any of these questions, comment or even ask a question of your own in our comment section.  Please remember all email addresses are kept private!

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