Ferndale Flood 2014: Day One

Last week I shared the write up about what my family is going through.  Now I want to share the video.  I have been doing video everyday of the damage and work done.  Just to show what is really going on here.  This is NOT how our Basement normally looks, the mess seen in this video is caused by stuff falling over and floating in water.  We normally have plenty of space to walk around down there and even work space.  This mess is bad, check out the video.

We are still working on the basement.  Though I am down there most of the time by myself, with some help from our friend, Steve.  So the progress is not going as fast as we would like.  Hope to get everything out of the basement within another week.  I will share more video updates as I get time to go through video.

This is setting back filming, trips, and more stuff that was going to happen for Cowabunga Corner.  I am sorry for the delay, once my family problems are taken care of.  We will be getting back on track with the website.  I will try to keep stories going at least three days a week.  Hopefully this will be fixed up soon.

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