Free Giveaway! TMNT Comic and Convention Weekend Passes!

This month we have a special giveaway!  This is the first of our IDW Comic giveaways that has both Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz autograph.  Though even more we are giving away 3 weekend passes to Midwest Media Expo in Detroit!  Enter to win by April 9th!

The IDW Comic being given away is issue #24 CVR B.  Cover art by Kevin Eastman.  Signed by
Tom Waltz in September 2013 and Kevin Eastman at D-Lux Entertainment Expo in Michigan on March 29th, 2014. 

What is Midwest Media Expo?  This is a convention being held in Detroit, Michigan this month!  The Cowabunga Corner crew has been invited as guests.  Which means movie props, original art, rare toys, animation cels, scripts and more will be up for display.  If you win these tickets through Cowabunga Corner and arrive at the event, you will be one of very few at the event that will be allowed a chance to get up close to the props for photos with them.  A chance to flip through some of the scripts and other art that is kept behind the table. 

You can enter the contest by Liking and/or Commenting Michele’s facebook post linked here:  

You can also enter by retweeting this .

Most people are able to comment on my Facebook even without being friends, though some have had problems.  I do approve all friend request, so feel free to send a friend request and comment.  If you do not wish to remain friends, you may remove me from your friends list at any time.

You can only enter the contest these three ways.  Though you can enter three times by doing each of those options.  We supply the passes to Midwest Media Expo only.  You are in charge of all your own travel arrangements.  The contest will be ending at 9pm on Wednesday April 9th, 2014.  Only one person will win.  We wish everyone luck!


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