Friend Memories #2

I’ve written about bullies and shared some of the bad stuff that I’ve been through.  Though while it’s easy to write and complain about people, sometimes we forget to cherish those that we have.  So I’m going to take time and do write ups about friends that have come into my life who I still know and hang out with to this day and how these people were able to see through the lies and cruelty of those others around us, and get to know me for who I am.  This friend was introduced to me from my friend, Belle, and end up becoming one of my closes friends.

When I told the story of how I met Belle, I shared that she introduced me to Shadow Wolf at lunch time back in 1991.  Shadow Wolf was very quiet and was also one grade above Belle and I, so originally I only saw her during lunch and just for the one year.  I called her the “oh quiet one’, because she didn’t talk much and when she did, she had a very soft voice.  So that first year I do not feel I really got to know her.

When I went to high school in late 1993, Shadow Wolf and I met back up.  Now Belle would take off and do other things during lunch, or she would drag other friends to join us at lunch time.  So Shadow Wolf and I started to talk more.  I learned that she was very much into reading books and loved to draw the characters from the books that she would read.  Though her favorite thing in the world to draw was dragons.  She would sketch up a dragon real fast and it looked great.  She had a real talent there.

In my 10th grade year, I started to go to an art school in the afternoons, Shadow Wolf was going to the same school.  So we would ride together at lunch time, usually instead of taking the bus, her mother would pick us up and drive us over to the other school. For two years of high school, Shadow Wolf and I were in a two hour long art class together.  Daily, she would sit there and draw her fantasy characters while I would draw cartoon characters from Gargoyles to Ninja Turtles to the Muppets.  We would normally get out of the classroom since we both did not like crowds and sit in the hallway until another school joined in with our school and complained about us in the hallway, chasing us back into the class.

After high school, Shadow Wolf and I remained good friends.  I learned that she likes Japanese anime and she introduced me to another friend that we would go to hang out with to watch anime, shows like Ranma ½, Fushigi Yuugi and Vampire Hunter D.  Though in 2000, we lost that friend to a bad car accident, which is when Shadow Wolf and I realized that you never know how long you really have with your friends.

2000 was a bad year for Shadow Wolf, as she went through a lot of personal problems, though the lost of our friend was a hard one on both of us.  Only a few months later, another friend we both knew really well passed away as well.  It was the signs that the 1990’s were over, and a dark time was ahead.  In 2002, things got worse for Shadow Wolf, to where she needed to get out of the life she was in.  So, to help save her from some serious problems she moved into my house.  We helped her get back upon her feet.  In 2003, she was able to get her own place and has lived on her own ever since.

It’s not my area to go in to what these problems were that she was going through, but they were bad and very hard on her and her family.  My family helped as much as we could, and I wouldn’t change a thing as it’s important to help those you care for.  Shadow Wolf is doing so much better now, and still has a close relationship with her family.   She has been seen with me at a handful of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle events, though she’s not really a TMNT fan she goes to support me or because of something else going on at the time.

Shadow Wolf enjoys comedy, anime, art, and nature.  Her favorite type of animal is cats and she has one cat in her life named Trouble.  Her favorite anime is Trigun.  It was the show that helped her the most during that tough time she was going through.  She enjoys things that get her to laugh, so Monthy Python, Dumb and Dumber, and Jay and Silent Bob are some of the comedy she enjoys.

This was all about taking a moment out to share that there are those in my life, outside of my family, who have been there for me and to say thank you to good friends, and remind everyone that while it’s easy to see those hard days over and over again in your head.  It’s more important to focus on the good times and what life is all about, great memories and wonderful people.

Do you have a friend who has been there for you in tough times?  Is there a memory of making a friend that you would like to share?   Please comment or ask questions in the comment area below!  All email addresses are kept private.

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