Friend Memories #3

I’ve written about bullies and shared some of the bad stuff that I’ve been through.  Though while it’s easy to write and complain about people, sometimes we forget to cherish those that we have.  So I’m going to take time and do write ups about friends that have come into my life who I still know and hang out with to this day and how these people were able to see through the lies and cruelty of those others around us, and get to know me for who I am.  The friend I’m talking about this time sat next to me in a class in High School just to get to know the blur that moved through the hallways.

In High School, I did not use the lockers, so I would race through the halls from one class to the next.  If I slowed down I was picked on from behind and usually could not see who did it.  So this was my way of getting around. Little did I know, people realized me speeding around the halls.  In 1997, I go into my science class and sit in the front row.  Someone sat next to me that I did not know.  She introduced herself, for this article I will call her Nadine Blackstone.  Nadine would sit next to me and talk daily.  She noticed me in the halls, and finally got the chance to talk to me without me running right by her.

We didn’t see each other much outside of class at first.  During that time we both also met another friend, Amber.  So the three of us started to hang out.  After graduating from school, I stayed in touch with Nadine as she lived not too far from my house.  I introduced her to Ranma ½.  Shadow Wolf and I would go over to her place to watch Ranma ½ and Nadine would make us her homemade Shells and Velveeta.

Another thing that Shadow Wolf and I shared a lot with Nadine was anime music videos.  We would go to this one website where there were always new music videos being uploaded.  This was back during the time of dial up internet, using a phone line and being very slow, but we would let these music videos download and search for fun ones to share with the group. These are some great memories that I cherish, just hanging out and watching funny videos put together by fellow fans.  It was one way to introduce me to different music groups I never listened to before, such as Linkin Park.

Out of my friends, Nadine has been one who really tries to inspire people to try new things, be it food, music, or just going to different places.  She likes adventure and finding fun things to go and do.  When Shadow Wolf got her own place in 2003, Nadine really started to hang around us a lot.  We’d go out for walks, cook meals, and play games.  A few years later, Nadine found herself moving a lot, helping her family.  There were times when she would be across country or upstate Michigan to where Shadow Wolf and I could not get to see her as much.

Recently she has moved back to the area.  We get together to hang out for parties, movies and other gatherings when we can.  It’s good to have her back in the area.  Nadine has always been a fun person to be around and we never know what she’s going to try and inspire us to try next.

Nadine enjoys spending time with people, though also likes some time to herself.  She likes games like Sims, and reading.  She enjoys different types of anime, tv series, and comedy.  She’s always introducing me to new stuff, and is usually willing to check something out herself.  Though she will put her foot down if it doesn’t seem like something she’d have any interest in seeing.  She’s got a very strong personality, and is a blast to hang around.

This was all about taking a moment out to share that there are those in my life, outside of my family, who have been there for me and to say thank you to good friends, and remind everyone that while it’s easy to see those hard days over and over again in your head.  It’s more important to focus on the good times and what life is all about, great memories and wonderful people.

Do you have a friend who has been there for you in tough times?  Is there a memory of making a friend that you would like to share?   Please Comment or ask questions in the comment area below!  All email addresses are kept private.

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