Halloween TMNT Treat

Halloween the time for costumes, though for some TMNT fans costumes are something we enjoy through out the year at events and conventions.  Over the years I've seen way more people in Turtle costumes and here I'll like to share a TMNT treat for all of our readers.  Some of the awesome Ninja Turtle characters I've seen at events in the last 10 years.

This first set of photos is from an event in New York City October 2012.  People had to dress up like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle characters to get free Kraang LEGO.  This is a photo of a family that was in front of us in line.  The boy's mask is Leonardo's, but he liked going without the mask.    The big Raph Zombie next to them is Tokka.




Here is Tokka, he is dressed as Zombie Raphael.  Miki helped him with his make up, but his mask and costumes is all his.  A great job, and really entertaining for the crowd.  We got to spend a lot of time with Zombie Raphael that day.  He did get his Kraang LEGO



This is a Shredder that showed up at the LEGO store.  He also got a Kraang LEGO.  Little Shredder is standing next to the LEGO display that they had set up showing one of the new TMNT LEGO set due to come out in January 2014.  This was an awesome costume, it was a total thrill to see a Shredder show up to the LEGO store.




This photo is from 2004 at Toronto Fan Expo.  This TMNT fan made a Leonardo costume.  I met her out of costume, but heard a lot about her costume from other people at the convention.  It's a great costume and works well at conventions.




Here is a Turtle Titan costume from Anime Next 2006, the person wearing the costume is a friend of mine who goes by the name Mily.  Mily did a great job at bringing Turtle Titan to the convention.  So far this is the only Turtle Titan costume I've seen.  For anyone who don't know, Turtle Titan was Michelangelo's super hero name in the 4Kids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.



This is a Leonardo costume at San Diego Comic Con International 2007.  Standing next to Leonardo is Michelan Sisti, who wore the Michaelangelo costume in TMNT 1 & 2.  This Leonardo costume is part of a set that was made for a group of TMNT fans, which entered the San Diego Comic Con costume contest in 2006.  It's a fun costume that gets a lot of attention from people at the convention.



This is a Shredder at Katsucon in 2006.  I don't know much of the history of this Shredder, though saw the costume and had to stop him to say hi.  At the time seeing TMNT costumes at anime cons was still a bit rare.  So it was really cool to see.  And I love that the blades and everything is made of foam rubber.


This is a group of Foot Ninja I found at New York Anime Fest in 2007.  I have even made friends with one of these Foot Ninjas.  It's not often that I walk through a convention and see a group of Foot walking pass me.  Such a cool idea, more conventions need army of Foot Ninjas hanging out.




This is a Splinter that goes to Youmacon in Detroit Michigan.  I keep miss seeing it, though he's shown up two years now.  I would love to see this costume live, though I'm normally in panels and such when it's out and around the convention.  A friend got this photo to show me, so I wanted to share it with everyone here.



This is a Shredder cosplayer I found at San Diego Comic Con International 2012.  I think this was an awesome costume.  I could not help but stop to take a photo.  Shredder seems to be someone that a lot of fans like to cosplay as.  Though I believe this Shredder may have had help with making his costume.



Here is a Casey Jones from New York City Comic Con 2012.  I saw him Friday evening when getting ready to leave the convention.  A really cool Casey costume, it looks really great.




This is Tokka posing with old toon April O'Neil and the first cosplayer I've seen to do Nickelodeon's April O'Neil.  This was at New York City Comic Con 2012 in line for the TMNT panel.  Both did an awesome job on their costumes and it was cool to be in line with them.



This is one of the Shredder's that was at New York City Comic Con.  We found him while leaving Artist alley.  Really cool costume and love the touch of the TGRI canister.  We took turns posing with him.  Always good to see a dangerous Shredder roaming conventions.



This last photo is from New York City Comic Con 2012.  It's of April and Casey in the sewer set up that Nickelodeon had at the convention.  These were two very cool Turtle fans that I enjoyed getting the chance to talk too.  They did awesome on their costumes so I'm glad I can share these photos here.



The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fandom is filled with talented people who enjoy wearing awesome costumes!  I'm glad I could share some of these here on Cowabunga Corner, though there's many more out there through the fandom.  Keep your eyes open and you may see them at events as well.  Or you may even see them at your door on Halloween night asking for some treats!


Happy Halloween everyone!

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