Hangover 2 : Movie Review

Every once in awhile a comedy comes that’s just so wrong all the way through it, that they can get away with the most offensive things and make it work.  The original Hangover movie, which came out in 2009, was one of those movies with jokes that were so horrible, adventures they went through that was so awful, and the things they did that was just insane.  All off that is what made the movie work so well.  So, once news got out that there was going to be a sequel to the first Hangover movie, I was on the edge of my seat to see if they can keep the laughs coming.

“Hangover 2” picks up sometime after the original movie.  Bringing back their original cast and giving us that same dose of humor that the first film delivered.  The lead characters Phil, Stu and Alan have found themselves once again waking up to a night they don’t remember with all sorts of crazy things around them to say this was not a normal night.  The three have to piece together their lost memories to find a lost person.  Can the same plot with the same characters work twice?

Stu is getting married as he has a new woman in his life which has made him very happy, though her father does not like Stu at all.  Stu remembers what happened when Doug got married and does not even want a bachelor party from his friends, so there’s no chances of what happened before to happen again.  He tries to avoid the one flaw in Doug’s party by not inviting Alan to the wedding, though Doug feels bad for Alan and talks Stu into letting Alan come to the wedding.

Things seem to be going well for Stu as he’s avoided getting dragged into anything crazy, until he’s invited down to a fire at the beach to hang out with his friends.  Drinking one freshly open beer per a person at the beach, what could go wrong?  The following morning they wake up in a strange hotel room, with new strange things going on around them... from a tattoo on Stu’s face to Alan having a shaved head to a monkey hanging around.  They realize there’s a few missing faces from their group.

With a full new adventure ahead of them, things are just as crazy as the first film.  Full of laughs around every corner.  This movie lives up to the first movie.  Though I still felt the first movie had a little something to it that I liked more.  That something was a command goal between Stu, Alan and Phil.  In this movie, Alan’s heart is no where near finding the lost friend.  Which took away a bit of that human feeling you got from him in the last movie, where he realizes that Doug could be dead somewhere.  For me, his little bit of distance from the mission at hand did show through.  Even though he did help the others as much as he did in the original movie.

Even though the writers from the original movie did not return, Craig Mazin and Scot Armstrong did a wonderful job at keeping everyone in character.  It did help that Todd Phillips returned to direct the movie.  He was able to keep the same feel that we enjoyed from the first movie, giving it a slight twist so that we had something new to look forward to.  This creative team did a great job!

Bradley Cooper did a great job as Phil, he knows the character well, and can pull off what ever spot they throw him into.  Ed Helms made Stu just as fun and paranoid as he was in the first film.  Going from a lost tooth to a face tattoo.  Zach Galifianakis returning as Alan is great, I do not think the Wolfpack would work at all without him.  He does know how to play a creepy guy who is very childlike and brilliant all at the same time.  Ken Jeong got to play a good size role again in this movie, returning as Mr. Chow, a character where at first I was totally clueless in how they could bring him back for the sequel though it all makes sense once you watch the movie.  While Justin Bartha did great as Doug, he once again held a very small part in this film. And another name to mention for this movie is Mason Lee, as he joined the cast as Stu’s new brother in law, Teddy.  He was not around for a lot of the movie, though his character does make his own impact upon the movie, and Mason did a great job pulling off the new character.

My favorite part of the movie goes to the end of the movie, so I don’t want to go into spoilers.  Though I can say at least the last five to ten minutes had everyone in the crowd laughing the entire time.  If you want to learn what caused those of us to get a kick out of this crazy film, go check it out!

I recommend this movie for adults who want a laugh and do not mind dirty humor.  This movie can walk the fine line of offensive and crazy fun.  So if you’re going to check it out, see the original movie first to get a feel for their humor.  There is swearing, nudity and blood in the movie.  Though over all it’s a total laugh!

I can not wait for the DVD extras!

A side note, not about the movie though about going to the theater to see the movie.  The biggest surprise for me was how big the crowd was for “Hangover 2.” Just last week we went to see “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” which I thought was going to be a big movie, had a good size crowd but empty seats around us here or there.  Though the size of “The Hangover 2” crowd was much larger, every seat was full, people who came together could not sit together, and they even got another theater opened for the movie which was filled up as well!  With a crowd this big, except “Hangover 2” to be a hit at the theaters! 

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