Happy Valentine's Weekend Everyone!

Happy Valentine's weekend everyone!  Hopefully those who enjoy Valentine’s day is getting a chance to go out and take in all of the Holiday, with their dolls, balloons, candy and cards.  Every store I go into, I’m reminded of this pink Holiday, as I see people all around the candy and cards, looking for the right ones to give to those that they care about.  While I am not big on this Holiday personally, I do find myself joining the crowd looking for the cool new TMNT Products that are out for the Holiday.  And I found some.  Here is a short write up about TMNT items you can find this weekend, out for Valentine’s Day 2016.

First in this batch of items is the Paper Magic Group Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 34 Valentines with 35 Tattoos.  These are images of the Nickelodeon TMNT, as one would see them before Season 4, without any space gear.  There’s a total of seven designs.  Three group shots of the four Turtles, plus a design for each Turtle.  Most of these images I have seen before.  My favorite is a Video game shot, with all four Turtles.  It says “In the Valentine Game”.   With enough Tattoos to give with each card, and one to keep for the one giving out the cards. 

Next is something different.  These are TMNT Lollipops.  It’s got Leonardo and Michelangelo’s heads as two of the Lollipops and the other two are hearts.   These are made by Frankford.  It’s a cute small item to get for a close group of friends.  The four are wrapped together, though each have their own wrapper around them so they can be split up to be given to different people.  I like these, as it seems like a fun thing to give.  Mikey has freckles even.  Of course it’s not picture perfect, but the fact that is fun and different is the reason I bought a set to give to one of my friends.

There’s also this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dimension X 32 Valentine's includes 25 Stickers by American Greetings.  Much like the set we shared on Monday, these cards are based on Season 4 of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  While the sayings are different in this set, it only has two new designs of cards from the other set by American Greetings.  One of the design has all four Turtles on it.  The other one has a slightly different pose with Raphael.  It is the only Raphael card in the set, besides for him being in the group shot.  The others Turtles each have two designs.   There’s a sheet of small stickers with different designs that can be given away with the cards.  It’s a nice set, and does have different sayings on all of the cards, making them different from the other set.  This set only runs $3,  so for an extra dollar you get stickers.

This next box is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 16 Cards & Candy by Paper Magic.  There’s only two designs of cards inside this set of TMNT Valentines.  Though there’s a piece of candy to go with each of the cards.  The candies look like the ones made by Frankford, but it does not say Frankford anywhere on the box.  This is not my personal favorite set, as I really do love the idea of having more designs to choose from when giving cards away.  Also it only comes with 16, when some classes out there have like 30 students.   The one thing it does come with that I do like is envelopes for the cards.  It shows directions on the back of the box on how to split your cards up, fold and put in the envelopes. 

To step away from the normal boxed Valentines gifts for a second, this is a large boxed gift.  It’s shaped like a heart, but has the pattern of Leonardo’s plastron.  This is more of an activity set, that a parent can give to their kid for Valentine’s Day.  It includes Gummy Candy, Activity kit & coloring cut outs to look like Leonardo.  It has enough candies for the kid to share with friends.  This is an interesting Valentines gift and does stand out.  Though I only saw it for Leonardo, which limits the fan base for this product as each Turtle has their fans.  This would make a good gift for kids who love Leonardo or all four Turtles.

Looking at one more Valentine’s box by Paper Magic Group this is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 16 Valentines with 16 Pencils.  It has eight designs, seven of these designs can be found in the “34 Valentines with 35 Tattoos” set.  It only has one new design in it, though what I like is the pencils.  Those are useful all year long.  They did not try to hide that these are the same cards at all, as they even have the same saying on the cards.  Though the cards do have slots for the pencils, which is cool.

One more Valentine product and I’m done with this seasons goodies that are out there.  Though fans who are interested there are a lot more things out there including new mailbox sets and much more.  This product though is something I already have, just for a different theme.  It’s a doll of Raphael, with weights on his feet so he stands.  The other one I have is holding a gift, that has a Happy Birthday tag on it.  This one is holding a heart that says “Awesome Valentine!”.   I think my disappointment with this is that it is Raphael.  Even though it does fit since in the series right now, Raph is the Turtle with the romantic interest as he’s met Mona Lisa and it’s clear there’s love in the air.  Though this company has made Birthday Raphael, Easter Leonardo and Christmas Michelangelo.  It would of been awesome if they had Valentine’s Donatello.  That is my only problem, as of right now I got two Raphael’s in this set of Holiday dolls, but no Donatello.  Need more Donatello love.  Though I do like having this, as a part of the collection.

It’s been a fun year of looking through the stores at the cool stuff out.  There’s been some stuff I’ve picked up and thought about getting that wasn’t TMNT.  There’s also a major difference I notice with this Holiday.  Use to be able to find little dolls of Devils holding a heart or something, as a fun gift.  Though this is the third year where I don’t seem to see those anywhere.  It’s interesting the things you notice, while glancing around at Holiday products.

Have you picked up any of these Valentine’s TMNT gifts this year?  If so which ones and what do you think?  All reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below!


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